I got the NM's Designer Collection -chanel

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  1. Cute pics!!!

    ^ Cute red bowler!!

    ^ Chanel metallic calf leather messenger bag with signature bag

    The red bowler looks so gorgeous!! XD
  2. I had my paws on the messenger bag in white on Saturday. Its fabulous. grrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~~ thanks for the pic
  3. The bowler is actually the luxury flap ;)

    Thanks for the pics though! I love both bags!
  4. Lovely pics. Thank you.
  5. LOL you are so right!! haha :love:

    I'm obviously excited about getting my lux bowler ummmmmm I talked to my SA today and he's going to check on what colors NM has that I can get :smile:
  6. I love the Luxury more and more every time I see it. Way to go Karl!
  7. I wish they had more Chanel bags in the NM catalogue.
  8. nice pics...thanx :smile:
  9. thanks for the pics!