I got the new ergo pebbled hobo!

  1. Hello ladies, yesterday i went to pick up my Ergo hobo in pebbled leather!I must say i reallly love the way it looks. This is the medium size. Weird because on the website it showed it had white trim? but it doesnt irl. Either way its good, because i prefer it with black lining! ALSO i have a question for you ladies, does anyone have idea if Coach will come out with the ergo leather that was available right before they replaced it with the pebbled one? im not sure what the leather is called, but it was more smoother. I really want an Ergo hobo in white, but i would like it in that leather, should i wait? or just get in pebbled leather as well? TIA!:flowers:
    mo.jpg o2.jpg
  2. It looks great on you, congrats! :tup:
  3. Great size for everyday, you'll get allotta use out of it. Pebbled leather sure looks nice, I need to get something in pebble someday. As for the white one, maybe you should wait for the smooth leather so your two bags will be different. I try to build my collection so everything is really different, nothing too much alike.
  4. I tried on the pebbled leather in white and it's TDF. I would get the pebbled. The other leather was much stiffer than the pebbled. I haven't much liked the ergo until the new pebbled leather and the smaller sized patent bags.
  5. Looks gorgeous! The leather looks so smushy and nice and comfy!!!!!:love: Congrats on the gorgeous bag!
  6. Looks great, congrats!
  7. Very pretty!
  8. I love the black ergo in pebbled leather!
  9. Love it! I was looking at one of these a couple of weeks ago.
  10. I love it and it looks great on you! Congrats :smile: