I got the new DOGGIE keyfob today!

  1. I went to the Coach store to exchange a scarf and they had the new dog keyfob. I knew my furkids would be MOST upset if I did not buy it immediately, so I had to have it!
    Coach Dog Keyfob.jpg
  2. That's so cute! I wish they had a cat one though! I have no dogs... Only fat cats.
  3. So cute I love that keyfob! Congrats!
  4. It's adorable - I saw it at the store too and loved it. The fire hydrant is a scream.
  5. If they make one with cats I will have to have that, too! The fire hydrant is hilarious! Reminds me of our nighttime "walkies".

  6. Hopefully they will make one! I mean if they have a dog one they HAVE to come out with a kitty one! Right?:wondering
  7. Maybe, but they have done several dog key fobs now...they did a Jack Russell in leather, then a Jack Russell in enamel and metal with a little coat on, and they also did a Poodle once with shearling fur. But I haven't seen any cats yet. Maybe we should start a petition!
  8. I love that keyfob, it just needs to be a cocker spaniel instead. My doggy would get mad I had another breed.
  9. Too cute...love the siggie bone! And the hydrant is hilarious...good buy!
  10. I was ***this*** close to buying one today! It is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!
  11. Very cute! I love doggie things!!!
  12. very nice congrats
  13. Aw, too cute!!!
  14. SO cute! Congrats! I can't wait to see it in person!
    It's on my wishlist!
  15. that keyfob is sooo cute. it reminds me of my Jacquie thou...i miss her