I got the Myrtille Petite Noe:)

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  1. I went to Bal Harbour saturday with my mom in the hopes of a SA searching the computers for anything in the myrtille . The SA suprised me with a myrtille petite noe and a pouchette... It made my day:smile:
    I am so happy:smile: I adore it:wlae: :yahoo: :jammin:
  2. Aww yay! Glad you were able to find something, and congrats!

    Post pics!
  3. Excellent, it´s a beautiful bag!
  4. Congrats!!! Pics??
  5. Congratulations thats amazing!!! .. hmmm where's the pictures??
  6. Congrats!!! We want pic!!
  7. Congrats!!
    any pics??
  8. Congratulations! I love the shape of the Noe; is it comfortable to carry?
  9. Beautiful color and great choices! Would love to see pics when you can....:yes:
  10. congrats, wanna see the beautiful bag pics....
  11. Can't wait to see pictures! ;)
  12. ohh congrats!! lets see some pictures haha
  13. Congrats.
  14. congrats!
  15. Congrats!!!
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