I got the Mousse (grey) Paddy!

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  1. Yesterday I went over to BG and saw the Mousse and it is gorgeous. So I decided not to wait for the anthracite and to get the Mousse instead. It is my Chrismakkuh present! I love it but I love the anthracite too...I just was being impatient! And they are too similar to get both.

    I was planning to get the Bugatti too this spring but 3 may be overkill. It is beautiful in the whiskey but I would also love another Chanel or maybe the Fendi B Bag (if it is nice in person in the black patent leather). In any case I am still on the list for the Bugatti and I will decide when it comes in...

    Thank you ladies for all of your advice! And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!:lol::

    ETA: I just realized it is not the mousse...It is the dark gray :sad: The mousse is nicer I think...
  2. Good News!!! Have a wonderful Holiday!!!:biggrin:
  3. Oops - it's nto the mousse, it's the dark grayish blue with gold hardware. I kind of like the silver hardware better. Oh no - maybe I should have waited for the anthracite? I hope I made the right decision.
  4. You can always return or exchange it! Look it over and decide.
  5. What do you all think of the dark gray? I do like it and it is more practical. But that silver hardware is really nice too on the anthracite. The dark gray almost has a bluish tinge and it looks nice with black. I don't have any gray bags. I will have to wait 6 weeks for the anthracite from Bloomie's SoHo if I return this to Bergdorf's...

    I am officially the MOST indecisive person in the whole world! :sad2:
  6. I am not the most decisive either I have always loved that dark grey and even with a hint of blue would keep it. If I were running around without time to change my bag I would think that will go better with everything than the anthracite because of its metallic sheen. I picked up a miu miu black goatskin tote with the braided handle and wonder if that will make it out of the bag lol. Keep the dark grey and if you love Fayden's pic's you can always pick up the baby paddy at LVR later on after we hear about Loren's bag. Hope that helps...Keep the grey don't doubt yourself!:love:
  7. We want pictures!!! :nuts:
  8. Thanks so much...I agree that it will probably match better. The anthracite is funkier and more unusual. However, it costs more ($1720s as opposed to $1480) and I hate having to return things. And btw, the Miu Miu sounds gorgeous!

    I want to post pictures but I have no digital camera anymore:sad2: My boyfriend left it in a hotel in South Carolina months ago and we never got it back. I need to buy a new one and then I can post my whole collection - and I will also post pictures of my 2 adorable doggies!

    The dark gray is currently on Net-a-Porter if you want to see it...
  9. I am going to visit your bag right now! And thanks the Miu Miu is nice. I have decided to hold on to it and get a paddington or something esle in February for Valentines Day! I can't wait to see your pics...borrow a camera phone! Enjoy the Holiday!
  10. I do love it...it is definately a keeper!
  11. I love the gray: gorgeous!
  12. Thank you ladies! I LOVE the Purse Blog - who else besides you guys could give me such expert advice about handbags? I am so glad to have found other bag lovers like myself!

    Have a wonderful holiday.
  13. Glad it worked out and you are so in love with it!:love: