I got the most beautiful Coach bag for my birthday!!!

  1. My husband forgot my birthday! It didn't occur to him it was yesterday- so he decides we have to go to a local mall THAT AFTERNOON, while Ernesto was pounding down at it's worst.

    We get to the mall, and park in the Macy's lot- and wouldn't you know- I've never parked in that particular lot before- and it came out in the shoes department! So we walked around the shoes, the handbags, and I was really happy. Hubby didn't like any of the bags at all, so we walked around the mall. We went to the Coach store- and there it was. I needed a tote- I told him I need a large bag for the fall, and he fell in love with it.

    He then walked me over for some clothes- and lunch. We cruised by the Coach store again, and he walks inside, telling me to wait outside the store. He comes back with a huge box- gift wrapped, and tells me I have to wait til we get home.

    Here is the bag. I don't know how to post a picture, I hope this works.


    Anyway- I have the best husband in the world- and a beautiful bag. But I will take hubby over the bag anyday.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! and...Happy Birthday!
  3. Yay what a great hubby! Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy your present!
  4. Yay! That's so nice of your hubby and happy birthday to you.Enjoy your present.
  5. GORGEOUS!! What color did you get it in? Happy birthday, BTW. I just celebrated mine on 8/29 but had to buy my own Coach bag as the DH doesn't get the whole couture bag thing. Congrats on having a great new bag and a sympathetic hubby!

  6. It is in the tan color. Happy belated birthday MadameFifi! :flowers:

    Hubby doesn't get the handbag thing either, but then, I don't get all the money he spends on his computer! :yes:
  7. Congratsand Happy Birthday!

    What a sweet husband!!!
  8. Thats so sweet! Beautiful bag, and Happy Belated Birthday!
  9. Congrats congrats! Happy birthday :smile:
  10. You lucky girl...Happy Birthday!! That bag is gorgeous. Congrats.
  11. what a great story! your husband's so sweet! Enjoy your new bag!
  12. awww congrats!! and happy birthday!
  13. that's an absolutely beautiful tote - happy birthday and congrats! Enjoy that bag, girl :smile:
  14. What a beautiful bag!!!! Happy Birthday!! That was so sweet of your husband. Congrats!!
  15. happy birthday and congrats on the bag!