I got the monogram shawl... but should I keep it?

  1. I bought the monogram shawl.. the one that jessica simpson and Lindsay lohan have...

    I was wanting it in either champagne or black but IRL black is really drab and the champagne is too much on the brown side for me, so I chose beige instead. It's more of a silver/concrete/stone colour rather than a beige. There was a light baby pink as well which was soo pretty but I'm not a girly girl so I got beige instead

    It's not small at 55" square and I'm not sure if I'll actually get much use out of it...

    SHould I swap it for black or something else?



    Opinions desperately wanted! :heart: TIA
  2. i love the shawls. i think that they are understated and classic. i personally like the black- but the beige is beautiful too. however, if you are not crazy about it return it. theres no need to keep something that you don't love.
  3. the back is beautiful not drab at all (sorry I have to disagree) it's subtle yes but the the two tones really catch the light and it's super versatile I think the black is the best shade but I do love most of them
  4. I think it is beautiful and you need to think about it differently than a bag. What I mean is this. A bag you wear every day...a shaw like this is something special and will last a lifetime and always be stylish (mind you I am not saying that LV bags won't last a lifetime and always be stylish--they will!). You don't look 90 to me so I would say you will be wearing this for the next 90 years...even if you only wear it 2 times a year it is something you should keep in your wardrobe. The silvery, bisque color is gorgeous and I would imagine could even look gorgeous over a wedding dress!
  5. Its gorgeous keep it!
  6. I'd keep it too, the other thing is that they are so versatile. I don't have an LV one, but I do have a beautiful black cashmere one, I wear it like a scarf.
  7. i just got the black one, and i love it!!! its so versatile like everyone said. it matches any outfit and its just soooo gorgeous! however, i do find it quite delicate, but i think its so worth it.
  8. i like the black!
  9. Agree with everyone. Keep. Like DesigningStyle pointed out-you don't wear shawls everyday, and they will last a lifetime.
  10. I would definitely keep it. I have been wanting one forever!
  11. Oh wow it is stunning!! If you can find enough uses in your wardrobe I'd definitely keep it! I love the elegance of the beige.
  12. It's beautiful, I'd keep it.
  13. Ok now I'm freaking out... It's not too logo whorish?

    I'm going to my boyfriend's sisters wedding tomorrow and my dress is strapless... so I was going to use it... but I don't want to seem brandlogowhorish...

    Oh dear!
  14. It's not too much, is it?

  15. I'd keep it too, it is so beautiful!