I got the MIU MIU Nappa spring satchel in camel.. =)

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  1. hi ladies. while i was struggling to order the bag on neiman, i spent a visit in miu miu weeks ago and the bag was sold out completely. SA put my name down for the list. there's leather and patent version of it but the patent version is so long that no more waitlist is allowed..:yes:

    then, last thur, SA called and said the bag arrived, color is beige :confused1: :confused1: i visited there and found the bag was camel actually. the leather was so soft and i can't resist buying it :nuts: it's w gold hardware..while i was waiting for a new one, a lady picked up a black patent one, it's only $25 more than the leather one. but it's too shiny for myself... :smile:

    here you go w the pic.. :yes:
  2. gorgeous! i am a huge fan of this bag, but unforunately have been unable to find it here in Toronto.
  3. That's a very nice color! Isn't the leather to die for? I have the smaller one in brown.
  4. Congrats- very pretty color too!
  5. congrats!!
    i have this bag in the black version and use it as my uni bag! i love it sooo much!
  6. Congratulations!!! Pretty color and the leather looks amazing! Does it smell good too??
  7. nice bag!
  8. Love it!!! Miu Miu is really pulling it off lately!! Congrats & enjoy it!!!
  9. That's a very nice bag!
  10. congrats!! i'm STILL waiting for mine and it's been 1.5 month!!! ): post pics of you wearing it please!
  11. Omg it looks so chocolatey in this color! I m very tempted to get a bag in this design from either prada or miu!
  12. very pretty :heart:
  13. thanks ladies. :yes: this bag smells so good and leather is so soft. here is the modeling pic. i'm 5'4, 120 lbs . i can only put it on the shoulder when wearing thin clothes (time to keep fit :crybaby: ). enjoy.. :yahoo: :yahoo:
    miu-miu-model-1-1.JPG miu-miu-model-2-1.JPG miu-miu-model-3-1.JPG
  14. Wow the strap is long, I like this as a work bag. It looks great on you. I think its a great bag and the price is great too. Can you shorten the strap?
  15. hello. the SA said the strap can be shortened by 6" at least (becoz of the stud). but as one of the member mentioned, simply make the strap as double one (both clasps on one side and strap on another one). the SA demonstrated this in front of me but the leather handle keep standing up for me .. :yes: