I got the Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby shoes in black satin, it's gorgeous!!

  1. I went to NM today to try on the Manolo sedadarby's for size and I fell in love with the black satin ones! they are just perfect for a wedding i have coming up in 2 weeks and I also bought a Chanel bag to match! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    IMG_3581.JPG IMG_3584.JPG IMG_3585.JPG IMG_3591.JPG IMG_3587.JPG
  2. Congrats! Those Manolo look beautiful with the matching Chanel bag.
  3. Congrats!!!! They look gorgeous and you can't go wrong w/ that Chanel either! :smile: I'm so glad you figured out the Sedaraby issue. I have the leopard ones and I'm a US 9 and I got the 39 and they are actually a tad big, but not big enough to get the 38.5 probably.

    Enjoy the wedding!
  4. Love those shoes! Have them in silver and have gotten lots of compliments!
  5. It is gorgeous, congrats.
  6. Gorgeous shoes and bag!!! Wow!!! Congrats!!!
  7. Those are beautiful! How high is the heel on them?

    Love the Chanel!!!
  8. Both the bag and the shoes are lovely! Have fun at the wedding!
  9. great buys, msjenn!
  10. Stunning shoes and bag. Is the chanel a reissue? Love them and hope you enjoy the wedding.
  11. beautiful. love the 2.55 bag and am lusting for one in white!
  12. you'll wear these shoes for years. they're super beautiful, versatile, and classic. congrats!
  13. thanks everyone, you guys are all so sweet!!

    i think it's about a 3-3.5 inch heel, very comfortable tho for that height.
  14. That's the shoe Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City (hers were silver). So it was your shoe that started the Manolo craze way back when - wear them proudly!
  15. both purchases are very classic ... you'll get a lot of use out of them!