I got the lookbook print outs from my SA ~mens bag included~

  1. After dealing with international shopping.. I finally got a copy of the US lookbook with the upcoming LE release:yahoo:

    I know this is nothing new to any of you but I got all the info abt the mens bag.. I tried to scan and post pics but my scanner is not working !
  2. Anything in your printouts that isn't posted in the Reference thread?
  3. Nice! My SA sent me the printouts of all the F/W bags that I'll be seeing today..but of course I've already seen them here. :p
  4. There are clear pics of the Giramaud in Both Exotics adn BEquia Leather ! And some some accessories as well !!
  5. Here r some clear pics of the 2 exotic bags! :drool:
    Grimuad exotic.JPG porte exotic.JPG
  6. I'd love to see pics of accessories maybe you can take a photo if the scanner still isn't working or maybe just give a really detailed description TIA
  7. Are you able to name some of the accessories??
  8. They are the Portefeuille Multiple and Orgnizer de Poche.
  9. Dear Mrs. Label Addict.. Here are the pics.. !!
    CIMG1550.JPG CIMG1553.JPG
  10. thank you
  11. that's great! any clearer photos of the belts?
  12. Yeah ! The new SLGs look great, especially the perforated organizer de poche ! Can you take some clearer fotos of the belts, especially the T&B belt with round enamel buckle which is due to August ?
  13. ^ LOL you are dying for that belt I hope you like it when it is released

  14. Can't wait for this....:tup::tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
  15. That Organizer de Poche in the darker color is looking hella good!

    Thanks for sharing!