i got the limited edition positano with metallic leather!!

  1. hey ladies,
    i was shopping at scp gucci yesterday and noticed this positano and asked the SA about it since I have never seen it online or anything.

    he told me that it was a limited edition positano, with only 200 being made in the country and they were available only in Hawaii. He said that SCP store special ordered them and were only able to get Hawaii to send them 12!

    It's a small sized Positano with the metallic brown leather and khaki/brown/white scarf instead of the traditional maroon scarf. This makes the bag look younger imo, since I know some people think the positano is kind of a older lady bag. or am i wrong?? what do you ladies think??

    and do excuse my short dress, i had a girls night out and went clubbing last night, you know how that is!:p. i do not dress like this normally tho!:nogood:
    IMG_3473.JPG IMG_3474.JPG IMG_3437.JPG
  2. Love it! Love your look too! HOT!
  3. That is SO hot. I always felt something was missing with those bags, but the brown metallic leather really sets it off. Not too conspicious like gold or silver metallic. Ive never seen the smaller style on anyone, its rather roomy!
  4. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! Look great on you.
  5. Beautiful bag!!! Congrats! I LOVE the metallic brown!
  6. Oh Darling, you look lovely! Rock that bag girl!
  7. i luv it, how much does it retail for?
  8. oooh i love your new bag....and your whole ensemble there!!! You look great girl!!! :cutesy:
  9. I like this bag. I almost got it a few months ago, now, that I know the scarfs are actually interchangeable. LOL

    It looks fab on you.

    Congrats on a special bag.
  10. thanks ladies, the price was $1330 which is a little high considering the medium size classic one with the maroon scarf is $1395.

    i guess that's what happens when they make it limited edition though. there are still 2 at scp gucci if anyone is interested. hurry tho, i saw a lot of ladies eyeing the bag!
  11. OMG! that is gorgeous! i love it! i am really jealous, congrats!
  12. Sure you don't! :p LOL!

    Love the bag! Congrats!
  13. Congratulations.
  14. v ery cute! :smile:
  15. you look great with that bag, I love the colors