I got the last one in the COMPANY!!

  1. Or so all the SA's say... I don't know if it really is true. But the SA's at Saks kept on telling me how NY was calling them for this, and they said no because they were holding it for moi!! :yes:

    And here she is!!!



    I LOVE HER!!! :love: :heart: :love: :heart: :love:
  2. Very Nice!!
  3. congrats! it's gorgeous. :heart:
  4. I'd believe it! I had tried to track this particular bag down and was basically told "forget it" -- lucky you!! It is SUCH a great bag, totally classic and you will inspire envy from others like me! :drool:
  5. Lucky you!!!:yes: It's a real beauty!!!:love: :heart:
  6. congrats! lovely!:love:
  7. Thanks Jill & ditzeechick & macbagger, LambLovesChanel and mickloisme!
  8. O:huh:o:huh:o... VERY chic and classic! I LOVE it -I wanted to make it one of my next purchases! -BUT, since you have the LAST one...?? :sad: tehee, congrats!!
  9. Great bag! Enjoy it!!!
  10. lol, they are making more I am sure of it. I really wanted the silver hardware, but at this point I couldn't be picky. Maybe I'll get the silver hardware in a different color next time. :shame:
  11. Congrats! The GST is one of my favorite Chanel bags. I have the black/silver. I'm glad I was able to purchase it before the price hike. It's so much Chanel for the money!
  12. What is the price it should be? Mine was $1650.00
  13. Gorgeous!!! Congrats! I will sit here and drool on my screen in the meantime... :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. Congratulations !!! Is it 1750 ??? Now i really really want one !
  15. Congrats!! The GST is chic and classy! :smile: