I got the last one in the company, yay!! My new pink baby w/ pics!

  1. Hi ladies!! Omg, I'm soo excited about my new baby I'm spastic haha! :yahoo: My birthday is coming up on Friday, so I swung by Neiman's at the Westchester a few days ago to see what they had at Chanel (what better present can there be haha)?! I wanted to see about the cotton club tote in bronze (mainly to talk to the SA, get on a list if I wanted to, etc.), but long story short, I couldn't think of any other bag (or anything really!!) after I saw this stunning baby sandwiched between a sea of dark (though gorgeous!) Chanels in the display case! And now she's all mine!!!:love: The SA looked my bag up and said that it was the very last one left in the entire company... I'm shocked they even had it in the first place, since the tag says 05P!! Luckily, she was in amazing, like new condition for a display bag, and I couldn't be happier (as if you can't tell by now haha). Sorry for the ramble (I tend to do that!)... here are some pics! :smile: IRL, it's the most gorgeous, bright, warm toned shade of pink I have ever seen!! I'll try to post modelling pictures soon (maybe when I'm not completely scrubbed out and gross haha)! I hope you like it as much as I love it... and please excuse my lack of photography skills! :smile: So sorry I posted this twice (accidentally on the shopping forum and here!), I really need sleep haha.


    I :heart: Neimans!!!

    Shh... she's sleeping can't you see! ;)

    I'm in looove! :love:

    My baby is so "old!" :p

    Inside flap detail pic. :smile:

    My new baby hangin' out! :smile:
  2. That is so beautiful! Congrats on the amazing find!
  3. Wow congrats on the bag. Pink is my absolute favorite color and this one is so nice and warm.

    Oh, and happy early birthday!
  4. congratulations. this bag is simply gorgeous :smile: i've never seen this pink before and am sure it'll make ppl :drool:
  5. That is such a CUTE bag. I love the color!!! Congrats! and happy birthday!:yahoo:
  6. omg omg it is the most beautiful chanel i have ever seen.
  7. Yeah!!! That's such a pretty color, congrats and Happy Birthday!!! :yahoo:
  8. Holy moly, that is such a beautiful color :drool:
    Congrats on your new baby and happy birthday!!
  9. Wow, what a great find! Congrats on the beautiful new bag and Happy Birthday!
  10. Aww she's so pretty!! Congrats and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :party:
  11. Happy Birthday and what a treat!

    I have this bag and it is imo one of the most beautiful colors for caviar! of course i may be biased hehehe
  12. congrats and happy birthday, fieryfashionista! i love this bright pink; it's gorgeous!!
  13. gorgeous!:yahoo:
  14. Pink is my favorite color.. what an absolute gorgeous bag :yes: can't imagine a better present... Happy early Birthday!
  15. It's a beautiful bag and what a nice Birthday gift.

    Beautiful color for Spring/Summer.

    Congrats and enjoy!