I got the last one in the company, yay!! My new pink baby w/ pics!

  1. Hi ladies!! Omg, I'm soo excited about my new baby I'm spastic haha! :yahoo: My birthday is coming up on Friday, so I swung by Neiman's at the Westchester a few days ago to see what they had at Chanel (what better present can there be haha)?! I wanted to see about the cotton club tote in bronze (mainly to talk to the SA, get on a list if I wanted to, etc.), but long story short, I couldn't think of any other bag (or anything really!!) after I saw this stunning baby sandwiched between a sea of dark (though gorgeous!) Chanels in the display case! And now she's all mine!!!:love: The SA looked my bag up and said that it was the very last one left in the entire company... I'm shocked they even had it in the first place, since the tag says 05P!! Luckily, she was in amazing, like new condition for a display bag, and I couldn't be happier (as if you can't tell by now haha). Sorry for the ramble (I tend to do that!)... here are some pics! :smile: IRL, it's the most gorgeous, bright, warm toned shade of pink I have ever seen!! I'll try to post modelling pictures soon (maybe when I'm not completely scrubbed out and gross haha)! I hope you like it as much as I love it... and please excuse my lack of photography skills! :smile:


    I :heart: Neimans!!!

    Shh... she's sleeping can't you see! ;)

    I'm in looove! :love:

    My baby is so "old!" :p

    Inside flap detail pic. :smile:

    My new baby hangin' out! :smile:
  2. Oops, posted in the wrong place, I meant to put this in the main Chanel forum. :sad:
  3. OMG! That bag is GORGEOUS!!!!:love: Lucky you!
  4. That pink is intense, I really like it.
  5. Wear it in good health! It's darling.
  6. Gorgeous! You lucked out. :smile:))
  7. love the color of your new bag! congrats!
  8. OMG! GORGEOUS:love:
  9. What a beauty! Great spring color.

  10. i left a msg b4, but it disappaered?

    Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS !This was the original pink classic that i was looking for !!!!! I literally calld All the stores, Saks, NM, Nordstrom, but ALL of the SAs I talked to told me they had none !!!!! Mind me asking how much you bought it for? did the price-increase apply?
  11. I am sucker for pink! Love it.
  12. gorgeous congratulations !
  13. Aww, thanks everyone!!
  14. Thanks for your kind remarks everyone!! :smile: I accidentally posted this thread twice haha, so I was only answering in the other thread, oops. Pinkpiano, I answered your question in the other thread, I didn't think anyone would respond to this one haha! :smile: Anyway, I don't want you to think I ignored you... I thought you had this bag, you have gorgeous pink bags :smile:... but maybe I am confused because I saw someone bought it from personalshoppers a while back! I was so shocked and happy to have found it, I didn't ask why it was $1995, and not less since it is an '05 bag. This is what I think... the Chanel boutique in Neiman's was being renovated, and all of the Chanel bags were temporarily put in a case, so I think they brought out every bag they had (including the pink, which I can't believe was never sold!), and had to price the bag consistent with the price increase, so it was $1995 (can't win 'em all haha), but it's okay!
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats & enjoy. =)