I got the Job!!

  1. hey everyone, i had a few threads about my interviews with Saks as a financial analyst and i got the call today, i got the job:yahoo: ! the only problem is the salary is lower than what i was hoping for and it is non-negotiable. i need to find somewhere close the manhattan that is affordable to live. i heard hoboken area is nice but it may be out of my price range. does anyone know of any other areas in nj or ny?? and it would be ok if i lived with a roommate or by myself (probably rather a roomie)

    although i will have to live off ramen noodles for the 1st couple months until i can save money, i think i should do it, it's a great opportunity in a great city! what does everyone else think? i need to make a decision quick too!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is awesome, I too! recently got hired to be a Model, Designer and Sales person for Bicowave. I do most of the Bicogirl line ups but I am excited just like you!

    I would love to support this site too with news, discounts and such but I have not heard any word back from the moderator in charge of the market place here.

    Well, once again~ CONGRATULATIONS! Keep us posted how things role for you ^_^
  3. Astoria Queens!. They are building up really nice condo's in my area. Its 15 min away from Manhatten. Its pretty peaceful,nothing happends around here. Its very diverse,and ethnic. My area mostly has greeks & italians. Alot of "Manhattenites" are moving here.
  4. Hey Congrats!!!

    Theres tonnns of affordable places close to NYC, theres some great places in Westchester, NY, which is a train ride away from NYC and Queens and Brooklyn are great too. There are tons of great sites, just google NYC apartments and you'll be fine :smile:
  5. Congratulations!!!! Think of all the discounts you'll receive!!! WOW!!!:party:
  6. Congrats!!!!!!! Sounds exciting! Well hoboken is beautiful and a really great area but it has gotten pretty expensive if you pm me and tell me your price range I can ask my friends what they pay for rent in their building. It is equipped with a doorman, security etc. There are still some deals but you have to do research. Fort lee and cliffside park are great in jersey and its right across the river but I am afraid its also quite high for rent. West New York is a little dangerous but maybe you should try Brooklyn Williamsburg somewhere close to the city.Where are you living now?
  7. or Park slope, very cute area!!
  8. Congratulations.

    I think you should take it!!!! I know you've been so excited about your interviews so you should definitely take the job. If it turns out that it's too much work for the money, you can always find a new job!

    Congrats again!
  10. Riverdale just outside of Manhattan is nice.. pretty cheap too and its a nice little area, quiet.
    Also i'd reccomend the upper west side, not bad price wise, you can definetly find some bargains and its such a nice area...
    Hoboken is lovely i have family members there, so close yet far away enough to chill, if that makes sense? it also has a fab little nightlife, lots of pubs and bars!
    Congratulations on your job, sounds like a dream position, and i'm sure once you have proven you can do it you can ask for a raise! its a starting point!
  11. Congratulations on the great news! While salary might not be as high as you expected, you're right, it IS a great opportunity for a well known company.. in New York City! Grab it :yes: I'm sure tons of people would be love to be in your position.
  12. Congrats!!! I would definitely take it!
  13. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!! :party:
  14. Congratulations!!! :yahoo:

    Even though the salary isn't as high as you were hoping for, you should ask about and ensure you understand the company's performance management process and raises/promotions. This includes how your performance and success is measured, who measures you, and how this inputs to raises/promotions. You should also find out how often evaluations occur. This could help you feel better about starting at a lower salary than you wanted.

    Also to consider: will the job and responsibilities give you good experience, help you build your career and is something you'll like?

    If you're satisfied with everything, GO FOR IT!! :wlae:

    plus do you get employee discounts?? :graucho:
  15. thanks everyone :smile: the more i thought about it the more i have to take it! i feel like this is a huge opportunity for me so i guess i'll have to be on a ban for the first couple months! but i think it will be worth it in the end this is def something i really want, i really want to work in retail esp for Saks! plus when i get on my feet money wise there are discounts!!

    i'm just going to have to really do my research to find a nice cheap apt!