I Got The Job!!!

  1. Congratulations!!!!!!!
  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congratulations!!! Now... what to buy?:graucho: What are you leaning towards??? I say really reward yourself!:winkiss:
  3. I'm sort of thinking I want the Bleecker flap in Ink...aah, I don't know! I should probably wait until the extra money rolls in, plus I just mailed off my PCE card cause I thought I wasn't going to buy anything...I'll let you guys decide!
  4. YAY!!!! CONGRATS on the new job!!! :tup:
  5. Yay! Congratulations!!
  6. WOOHOO!!!! Congrats!!! Can't wait to see what you decide on....you must go all out! :woohoo::okay::yahoo:
  7. Congratulations!! I'm jealous...I want to work at COACH sooooo bad. Part time...(I have a good full-time job already).
    I heard they run a credit check and my credit isn't good...bad decisions when I was younger. Learned that lesson the hard way.

    I'm holding out for a pleated ergo...but that's just me. The bleeker flaps are gorgeous too, maybe you should get one of those with all matching accessories: Wallet, Wristet, Scarf, Charm, and Mini Skinny...You know go all out!
  8. yay!!!!! congrats to you!!!!! you are getting more coach hey!!!
  9. congratulations!!!!!! :woohoo:
  10. Congrats!!!!
  11. OOOhh love that bag!!!:yes:
  12. That's great! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats! Working at Coach would be like working at the candy store. No wait, I think it's way better than the candy store!!!!!!!
  14. Woooohoooo!!!!!:yahoo::woohoo::yahoo::woohoo:AWESOME for you!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! You deserve it! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!:tup: