I got the internship!!!

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  1. I am soo happy right now :biggrin: .
    I recently received an email informing me that I got the internship that I was talking about in my Follow-Up Interview thread:smile: . I wanted to thank all of you ladies for your wonderful advice. I also wanted to say a special thank you to redney, who is one the most wonderful, helpful people I have ever met :amuse: . You give the best advice Redney :yes:
    THANK YOU :flowers:

    I :heart: TPF.
  2. WOW! That's wonderful! Congrats!!
  3. Congrats!!!
  4. yay, congrats.
  5. Congrats!
  6. Congratulations! That's great news!
  7. Well done!!:yahoo:
  8. Congrats! Good job!!
  9. YAY!!!!! Good job! Congrats!
  10. Congratulations. :flowers:
  11. Congrats!! That's great news!! Good luck!
  12. congrats!
  13. Congrats!!!! :biggrin::flowers:
  14. Yay!!! Congrats!!
  15. WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    ~~Congratulations~~, dk!!!!!!!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :nuts:

    I am soooo excited for you!!!!!:flowers:

    YOU'RE the one who did it, girl, and you deserve all the props!!!!!

    Hope you love:heart: your internship!!!!:biggrin: