I got the green perf speedy but....

  1. I got the green perf speedy from eluxury yesterday and I think I want to return it. I was on the fence before and thought I would order it to see how it looks but I'm still not sure if I like it!! Please help!! Here's a list of pros and cons please add either way

    I do not have a green bag
    Love the speedy 30 and it's nice to have a different twist
    part of limted edition line

    $1200.00 for a speedy with holes
    possibly too trendy to have long term wear-ability
    can see my white MC accessories thru the holes :sad2:

    return or keep???
  2. Return if you have doubts at all!
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: I just find that funny!

    It sounds like you're not thrilled with the purchase. That's quite a bit of money to spend on a bag. I would return it and get something else that you'll truly love. You can always buy another green bag :biggrin:
  4. i do have one in Fushia and its soo lovely and most of my colleagues adore it because of the holes .. its strange but an eye catching ..
    as for MC accessories being seen-able .. try to use different ones or put them first and then add rest of ur stuff ...

    what if u exhcanged it for fushia or orange? or u want it 4 the green line?

    hope i could help =)
  5. Well you know what I am going to say......KEEP IT!! The holes are what define this speedy like no other in the entire history of LV! As far as seeing your white wallet why not just switch it to the monogram so it blends better? I hope you do what makes you most happy.....I just feel so great when I'm wearing my green speedy.
    Three bags.JPG
  6. $1,200 is a lot to spend on a bag you don't love, so i say return it! and the speedy with holes thing cracked me up too, LOL. :biggrin:
  7. I think if you're going to spend $1200 on a bag, get something you LOVE! You don't want to regret it later on.
  8. i agree...for $1200 i would have to be super happy about that bag!
  9. Yet another agree !
  10. I agree with the other ladies. 1200 is a lot to spend if you don't love it. Plus, you have to think also, would you wear that pref.speedy in the winter? With the holes and green and all? So, if your gonna spend 1200, I want a bag I can wear all year through and be loving it!
  11. It's A Beautiful Bag....But, As Said Above YOU Should Be Happy With It!
  12. I say return it if you have any doubts. If you want to own an item or two from the line, get something smaller and cheaper, in green if that's the color you like.
  13. You shouldn't be fretting over how expensive the bag is... if you do, it's b/c it's not the right bag for you!

    Find one that you KNOW you will love and adore and think it's worth every penny. Good luck with your quest, if you decide to return it!
  14. perhaps the green just isnt your color, maybe exchange it for the pink or orange.
    I love pink and think if i was going to get one it would be that.

    Have you thought about using a purseket inside the bag so that you dont see through it?

    I guess last but not least if you arent sure , maybe the bag /style just isnt for you.
  15. If you have to think about it--it's a no. That's what I've learned through my bag saga. If you don't open the package and go "YAY!"--return.