I got the earrings!!!!pic

  1. My DH gave me the Coach Heart earrings today!!!:love: I would model them but I am home sick today.:sad: I got chocolate pecan candy too! My favorite!!!:love:

  2. Oh so cute! I was debating about getting these the last time I was in the store but talked myself out of it. They're lovely!
  3. Very pretty! I love these!
  4. How sweet! I love those earrings :love: I wear mine alot, you don't even know you have them on! Happy Valentine's Day!:heart:
  5. Those earrings are so cute, Carley! Perfect gift for V-day!
  6. they are so cute! hope you feel better!
  7. very pretty! what a great hubby!!
  8. Lauren those earrings are so cute..I can hardly wait to wear them. :love: Maybe you should go back to the store and talk yourself into buying a pair!:graucho:
  9. Tanukki...thanks...they are pretty and I think I will wear them alot!!:love:
  10. Fluffy...Thanks....and Happy Valentines Day to you too!!! Maybe those earrings will go great with my chocolate ergo because both are so light!!!!:love:
  11. nolarice...thanks...I was so sick this morning that I waited a while to check out my Valentines present. I knew I had coach earrings but I wasn't sure which ones but I ached so bad. I am disappointed I didn't get to go to work and wear my coach earrings. I had my outfit and coach bag all ready for Valentines day and now here I am at home.:crybaby:My coworker told me when I feel better we can pick a day and we will both dress up like it is Valentines day and celebrate!!!:lol:
  12. aw I love them.. they're so pretty!!!
    Hope you feel better Carley :flowers:
  13. awww what a guy! :love: Congrats, and I hope you get feeling better soon! :tup:
  14. Oh Carley that is so sweet!! They are beautiful earrings!! What a sweetie your hubby is! I hope you feel better soon! Eat one of those yummy pecan chocolates for me :p
  15. Aww so sweet!!! I love these earrings.. I bought them for myself and i have been wearing them every day since I got them. You will LOVE them!!