I got the Chelsea Optic Satchel today plus some other goodies and Coach store Visit.

  1. Well it's been a long hard investigation and search, I went to 4 different Department stores plus the Coach store and no one had the Optic Satchel in Black. I finally found one today @ a different Macy's. I am so excited! She had to search the back and all of the drawers to find it, but she found it! I also went back to Coach and ordered the Skull Key Fob, They have a cute Snowman, Penguin and a Snowflake fob coming out soon! I saw the new metallic gallery totes in the catalog, they were awesome! The catalog only showed 2 colors though brown and a cream color. I also got my new planner in the mail today, and the Purple Heart picture frame charm. It's been a VERY Coachy day! I tried the satchel out and it works over my shoulder perfectly! Thank you everyone who responded to my previous posts! All of your help, helped me make a great decision! :heart::heart::heart::yahoo:
  2. well when are you gonna show them off? ; P
  3. PICS!! We need pics!! :yahoo:
  4. :popcorn:...Waiting patiently for some eye candy...please share your goodies with us!! I now have to live vicariously though my fellow tPF gals since I've placed myself on temporary ban!!
  5. Ok here are some pics!

  6. i have this bag in the khaki and i love it! enjoy!
  7. Your satchel looks so great on you. And I LOVE your agenda!!! Great buys!
  8. Oooohhh congrats!!! I almost sold one of these a few days ago.
  9. Very cute!!:tup:
  10. Congrats, looks like a perfect fit for you!
  11. GREAT bag, suits you perfectly!
  12. Ahhh!!!! I LOVE everything!!!! You have the punch agenda that I want!!! And that optic chelsea satchel is TDF....not to mention your cute little keyfobs!!!! Congrats on all the awesome finds!!!:tup:
  13. Very nice! I hadn't seen the optic print in black. I just love that little satchel in black. I really debated about getting it in blue but decided against it. So glad you finally located your bag, congrats!!!
  14. Ooooooooh, very nice!! :tup:
  15. That satchel is FABULOUS, and we're agenda twins! It's a great one, isn't it?