I got the Chanel invite too! For the Chanel online exclusive items!

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  1. I spoke with my SA today and she was telling me that Chanel is launching a special online shopping website in November.

    She told me all the clients in their US data base will be invited to shop on this site, as long as they have your email address. She told me they would be calling clients that they had no email address for to obtain it. She did not know what would be offered on the site, but she did say the online items would not be available in the boutiques.

    This is for people who have shopping and purchased in the boutiques in the US. It's by invite only, but as long as they have your email address you will be invited. And the way she was talking about it, it would be an ongoing thing, not just a one time only :woohoo:.

    It's about time Chanel offered online shopping :yahoo:. Plus it will be fun to see what will be offered.
  2. WAAAAAAAHHHHH I've never bought from the Chanel boutique before, only from Saks, does it mean I won't get an invite? :sad:

    Thanks so much for sharing! This is so exciting!!
  3. Really? That's great news then!!! :yes:
  4. Why do the US get everything?:crybaby:I am so jealous!

    I have brought from the US chanel boutiques before...would that suffice?
  5. I hope I get an invite. I can't wait!
  6. I was told that Chanel corporate pulls the email addresses and they will be sending the invite out. If you have not shopped at the boutique, I don't think they will have your email address. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it can't hurt to call a boutique and asked to be added to the list, maybe they can do it. I don't know.
  7. Maybe other countries will do it, I do not know. But if you have bought from a US boutique and they have your email, I don't see why you wouldn't be invited. Call that boutique and ask them :yes:.
  8. Ack, I can't remember if I gave Ala Moana my email when I bought my bag in May...I hope they call me!
  9. Wow, I can't wait!!!!
  10. I'm so excited! I wonder what the site will have! I've purchased most of my bags from Chanel boutiques and I'm pretty sure they have my email address--I sure hope I get an invite!!!!
  11. sounds interesting!! Too bad that I've never been to the US =(
  12. I wonder if you "subscribe" to their website, whether that counts.
  13. I am excited,.. i bought from boutique many times. so i hope will get invites.... :yahoo:Thanks for info!
  14. Oh this is great, I hope my Chanel SA will send me an invite...
  15. Very excited. But i hope everyone can get access to the online store.