I got the call!!!

  1. to go pick up my Tivoli GM! I am so excited, it's been almost a month since I got on the waiting list. I hope I never have to be wait listed again!!!

  2. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I love that bag, I got to try one on, but it was already spoken for, but it is so classic and versatile, I love bags that look like a satchel but fit on the shoulder, Congrats! Post Pics when you get her please!
  3. Congratulations, I finally saw one in the store and loved it!
  4. Congrats and enjoy your new beauty!
  5. Yey!
    Please post pics when you get it!
  6. Enjoy and congratz!!
  7. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the Tivoli GM. :heart:
  8. She is a beauty. Congrats on getting one!
  9. Yay!!!!:yahoo: Congrats on such a pretty bag! :yes:
  10. YaY!!!!! :party:
    Congrats its a beauty!!!
  11. Lucky you! Congrats! Modeling pic please!
  12. *YaY* Congrats!!

    Don't you just hate being on the WL. Its torture for me.

    Post pics if you can when you get it.
  13. congrats!! i love mine! just treated it with shining monkey and i'm so ready to use it tmw!!
  14. yay, congrats! looking forward to the pics!
  15. Congrat!!!! me too I got the call yesterday to let me know I can go to pick up my tivoli pm yeahhhhhhhhhh..... :heart: