I GOT THE CALL - Rouge vif is IN BABY!!!

  1. My SA called me today. They finally got their Rouge Vif City bags. They only got three and I was #1 on the list - so he pulled the "best" one for me (or so he says - although back when I ordered it weeks and weeks ago he did tell me that I was the only person that was listed and prepaid for the Rouge Vif bag) - anyway he said he choose the least distressed of the three and will mail it out monday. I may splurge for superfast shipping as i'm so excited. He said that all of the Rouge bags were already sold (pre-ordered and pre-paid for), so i'm glad I called early to get first choice!

    Please please please tell me that this is a great bag (and one Balenciaga color worth having) I'm in love with the photo's of Rouge Vif that others have posted - but I never in all my days thought that i'd order a fire engine red bag! I need a hot bag though, right? I'm 99.99% sure - it's just such a bold statement bag for me (little Ms.Black bag....:shame: )
  2. *faints* I want one sooo badly! :crybaby:
  3. yay, beaux!
    every gal needs a red hot statement bag. i honestly truly believe that with all my :heart:! i am sure you will love it.
  4. Wooooo! She sounds gorgeous! Congrats and get that camera charged.
  5. ^^I will!! (charge my batteries that is). There's a small part of me that thinks that the Sapin would be a safer choice (and a better fall/winter color). But then there's another part of me that thinks that the Rouge Vif is really a showstopper!
  6. beaux, you made the right choice! fire engine all the way, girl!:choochoo: :choochoo: don't play it safe with sapin...live dangeriously!;) i'm so excited for you. i can't wait to see pics... i haven't seen it in the city, but if it's anything like my work... you are going to love it!:love:
  7. ^^Thanks esile - I just went back and looked at your photos for inspiration! It really reminds me of the '03 red that i've loved for so long, but even better (for me) as I prefer the brass'ish hardware.
    I really really shouldn't buy this bag, but I have a feeling this color is going to sell out early this season (at least that seems like what the buzz is) - so why pay more for a used Rouge Vif down the road - when I can get a new one now, right? I think of how hard it is to get a excellent condtion 2003 red bag - and that make me want to go for it!
  8. beauzgrois... I was so thinking that exact same thing today! *bites fingernails*
  9. ^^I know! I've always wanted this bag:

    ^^but they're sooooo hard to find now in excellent condition (i'm kinda picky!) - so of course when I saw the 2006 Rouge Vif I got really excited as it looked very close color wise and also had the hardware that I prefer!
  10. Congrats! I think the color is great and I hope to be able to snag a rouge city too.
  11. beaux ..... don't worry, you made the absolutely right decision :yes: !! You'll not regret if you finally see this Rouge vif in real :yahoo: ! I'm so happy you'll get this bag . . . and I can't wait to see pics on you soon ;) ! I bought my '03 red city 'hardly used' with darkened handles aso. - but in perfect condition anyway - I LOVE it so much ! Every bbag-lover MUST have a red bag, IMO :love: :heart: !!
  12. Congrats Beaux:yahoo: !!!
    Such a great choice (it's sincere... I also pre-ordered a Rouge Vif City;) )
    And maybe it's good news for me : if NY received the bag, certainly we'll have it in Paris soon:yes:
  13. Don't worry she'll be breathtaking. I saw several rouge cities and they all had really nice leathers it's not like the blue roi where you have to pick carefully. If you just have dark coloured bags you need a red one! I'm soo excited for you. If they had them in the work size here I would immedaitely go for it.
  14. Yeeeeeeah!!! I think you will LOVE it! Red is super hot and goes with literally everything. As soon as all those compliments start rolling in you'll have your confirmation :wlae:Can't wait to see pictures!
  15. Congrats, Beaux!!!:yahoo: I'm sooo happy for you! :heart: I can't believe they only got 3, though! :sad: I hope more come in soon---I'm going crazy waiting for mine!