I got the call for my Silver Speedy....

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  1. but they can't hold it for me. I can't get to the boutique until next Saturday, so I told them to go ahead and sell it. If anyone is looking for a silver speedy, hit up the boutique located at Saks in Cincinnatti, OH.
  2. why dont u do a charge order? give them your credit card number and they will ship it to you. it just cost $20 to ship.
  3. That's my boutique...Cincinnati;)

    I'm passing on this line though....not for me.
  4. Yes, just have them ship the bag to you!
  5. yes plzz try buying it through phone and let them ship it
  6. I want to see it up close and personal. I hate doing returns. I had them put me down for a gold speedy and to call me if they get one.
  7. Hope you get your gold speedy.
  8. ohhhh noooooo
  9. keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  10. I heard that gold is more limited than silver..(because of the quantity)...

    * fingers crossed for you *
  11. I hope you get your gold speedy soon!
  12. too bad u weren't able to pick it up....hope it comes around again
  13. Good luck , I hope you will get your gold speedy..
  14. I have my fingers crossed for you!