I got the call...A Mirage Speedy is waiting for me

  1. I am in Seattle on business and I just got a call from the local LV store that they got the Mirage Speediers in TODAY! They can't sell them until the 15th but its there if I want it.

    I love this bag and have been waiting but so expensive. due to some unexpected dental work I would have to charge it....
    so torn!!!

  2. charge it!!!;);) That is what credit is for!!! The occasional treat!
  3. Charge it!!! Did you get a call from Vegas LV? I'm on the waitlist here and was wondering when we'll get the calls! I see you're from Vegas.
  4. I just played with the bordeaux Mirage Speedy this morning and OMG, OMG, OMG!!! This bag is fabulous!!! The inside is burgundy alcantara lining and that really helps with the sag issue!! When I put my stuff in, there literally was no sag!!!! Hooray!! No seam, but no big deal about the LVs being upside down on the other side. The workmanship on this purse is outstanding, especially the burgundy gradient effect and the luscious patent leather handles!!! :yahoo: This will be my first Speedy aside from the denim Neo Speedy!!

    Handbag girl, this falls under: CHARGE IT! :graucho:It is that gorgeous!!
  5. Did you see the black? I'm not a burgundy loving gal, so I hope the black is just as nice.
  6. I think, you should get it. :tup:

    I also have an issue about the price of it as well, but I haven't seen it IRL. I might fall in love at first sight or I might not want to spend that much on one bag. But I'm trying to think that if I like it, it's gonna be the las bag for me this year before going on ban.

    I can plan for my next bag now while waiting for the money tree to bloom again.:p
  7. :sad: lots of people getting their phone calls but not me. i was at 2 stores in nyc today, saw black speedies but no bordeaux. only a bordeaux musette which is still beautiful but not the bag i'm getting.

    yep. early tomorrow morning i'm calling LV AC.
  8. if you love it then don't let anything else get in your way, buy it if you love it
  9. No, I didn't see the black Mirage Speedy. They only had 1 bordeaux that came in for now. I'm glad I didn't see it --- wouldn't want to be too messed up thinking which one I should get because, knowing me, I would want both. LOL :p
  10. Divingcandie, you will definitely fall in love with this bag at first sight! It is that gorgeous!!!!!!:drool:
  11. Vuittonamour, you are going to go berserk upon seeing this gorgeous bordeaux Speedy. This bag is SOOOO hot, you'll sizzle walking out of LV with it!:nuts:
  12. ^^^ i was at two stores in nyc yesterday and neither had the bordeaux speedy, just the noir! i am like :hysteric:
  13. Oh no!!! Too bad that you haven't been able to see it IRL, but when you do, you will instantaneously forget all about your frustrations and you'll be flying on a much higher cloud than the one I was on last week after I got my Anthracite Nimbus GM!! And that was dang high too! :yes: lol
  14. I actually waitlisted in Vegas 1st and have heard nothing from them.
    I ended up waitlisting here as I was thinking if I could get one here why pay for shipping.
  15. Exactly!! My SA at Fashion Show told me they got bordeaux in on Friday...but no black yet. I'm hoping to get a call soon!! I'm so damn impatient!