I got the Bubblegum Pink and Sky Blue! Yay!!!!!

  1. I went to pick up my Bubblegum Pink SGH Part-time from my friend's boutique (she is the supplier to a very reputable retailer here) this morning and I totally didn't expect to see Sky Blue so I was very very happy to see it. It was like sitting there, all pretty and waiting for me to bring it back home :love::love:

    BG Pink is such a nice colour IRL, I had always wanted a pink Bbag and I finally got it:yahoo:Sorry for the badly taken pictures, I was too excited lol.


  2. Sky Blue RH City



    With flash
  3. Congrats girl!!!! Beautiful!!!:tup:
  4. Nice L:huh:t~! cOngrats on your 2 new additions :tup:
  5. bubblegum pink in part time w/sgh is divine! I knew bubblegum in PT would be fabulous, but yours exceeds my expectations! Thanks for sharing! Congrats! The sky blue is very pretty too! I love the texture of the skyblue's leather! YUM! Enjoy ur two wonderful scores!
  6. :nuts: congrats! the sgh PT is so pretty! can i get a bbag through you, please? :pdid you have to pay above retail? i thought you got them in HK again :biggrin: have you seen sky blue with giant hw? i imagine it'll look swell with either gold or silver..
  7. Congratulations!

    I think you may be the first to have one of the new blue bags... lucky you!!

    The Bubblegum with SGH is a just wonderful
  8. The SGH BG is so pretty :love:

    The RH Sky Blue does look very similar to 05 production doesn't it?

    You got such beautiful bags :tup:
  9. OMG!! BEAUTIFUL. Although im not a pink ger but the pink is really gorgeous!!
  10. Ohh this is the first time I've seen sky blue here!

    Congrats on both bags!
  11. OMG, your sky blue city is rocking my world!!! The colour & leather are so gorgeous! I need one in Work style!!!!!!

    Congrats on your new purchases.:woohoo::woohoo::yahoo::yahoo: They're all so drool worthy!:drool::drool:
  12. the blue is GORGEOUS! they're both so pretty! congrats~
  13. I think you're the first TPFer to get the Skye blue!
    The BBG looks fab with the SGH and in the PT style. :tup:
    I'm lovin' the Skye blue too! Looks a little milky to me. The next time you're able to take photos of them under natural light could you please share them with us? Thank youuu! :smile:
  14. Wow!! You are so lucky!!
    Congrats!! They both are very beautiful ;)
  15. WAAHH! Where is your friend's store? in Hong Kong? I'd love to drop by there! Please PM me if you can?

    Lovely blue!!! N that pink is to die for! I'm not a SGH girl, but that combination rocks!