I got the bag, but....

  1. I recently got my first Chanel, which I love and think is absolutely gorgeous! However, I'm still struggling to get over the price! I've never spent so much on a bag before - this one was over $2700 and the most I've spent before that was $1100. That's over a $1500 difference! I keep telling myself that no bag should be worth that, but it's just so darn pretty! Tell me, will I get over the sticker shock? I'm worried that I won't use it because I'll be afraid to damage it, and it's not like I can go get another one anytime soon....ahhhh, has anyone else ever felt this way???:sad:
  2. YES!!!

    Which bag did you get?

    I try to choose bags that I know I will use for years if I am spending a lot, that way I can think in terms of "cost per wear." If I spent $2000, but I know I'll likely still use it in ten years, (or more) that is a really great value. I do still freak out a bit about the really expensive ones--like my latest re-issue--yikes! Ouch!

    Flap bags and re-issues are classic bags, and will always look polished and wonderful, if we take good care of them. I think they're worth the investment. They really aren't that fragile--I just use leather protector and if need be, leather touch-up cream for scuffs. Use your bag--that's what it's for! Enjoy!
  3. Which Bag??
  4. Here it is on my mannequin, lol. I really love it, but do you think it's worth that much? I chose this particular one (I was going to get a different lambskin bag) because I figured that I could use it for years to come, but will all of the quality issues people seem to be talking about, I'm not so sure. I know that people are more likely to point out the bad than the good, though...what do you all think?
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  5. Jill, I think you made a thread on this bag!
  6. ^LMAO!OMG!
    Im still trying to go to Saks to c this bag IRL!!!!!!!
    its hard to spend it,...but.....unfortunately,that feeling doesnt last long and u will buy more..hehe
  7. as long as you love the bag. you'll eventually get over it's price tag:yes: and before you know it i bet you'll be craving for more:graucho:;)

    congrats and enjoy!
  8. Black lambskin is not that difficult to maintain--honestly! I have a lambskin flap that's over 20 years old--I bought it vintage, and with a bit of care, it still looks great! Pale lambskin gets stained and discolored easily, and it's difficult to restore it, so you have to be very careful. Black lambskin can get scuffed or scratched, but you can touch it up with leather touch-up kits and creams. It works well.

    That's a classic bag, and it's a practical size, so you should get a lot of use out of it. It's really beautiful!
  9. ^no this one is the new "washed" caviar...sorry, I wasn't very clear earlier!
  10. How does the bag sit...when u carry it at your side?
  11. Don't worry, you'll DEFINITELY get over the sticker shock.

    Unfortunate thing is... it desensitizes you. It's kind of sad because the other day my mom was telling me about an LV bag her friend got for $1800, and I was like "$1800? That's not even that bad" (because I'm thinking, all the Chanel's I want are around 2500+!!)

    So yes, you will eventually get over it... and like fashion_gurl said, you'll need more to get that same high -it's like drugs! :smile:
  12. I had trouble getting over the price tag of my first Chanel too...it was $2000...wayyyy more than what I've spent in the past...if you love the bag, you'll eventually get over the price shock. Chanel is SO expensive, but so worth it!
  13. It is a lot of money to spend. But it is a beautiful bag you've got there!!!!
    I have felt the same way as you....but......I just keep falling in love with the bags. :nuts:
    You should use it...she's calling you to bring her out and show her off!
  14. p.s. JILL! I'm SHOCKED, you posted about this a couple days ago... I figured you'd already have it by now! :p

    AND you can pick up another sharpey, too! LOL
  15. it's really comfortable! I thought it would be bulky but it isn't at all...it's quite soft so it kind of 'molds' to your body!