1. :push: Well i'm dumb and i know it...

    i REMEMBERED too late that i could post a pic on "Authenticate this" and see if something was real or not... it was an impulse buy cause it looked "pretty" and i bought it and i got it today... :yucky: it broke my heart to see that counterfeit wallet... I need words of comfort or you can tell me how dumb i am for buying something on an impulse... boo... :crybaby:
  2. Aww, it's okay don't beat yourself up over it. Some of the fakes out there are getting to the point where they're even fooling the best of us. Did you pay with paypal? You could file a dispute and get your money back!
  3. I'm sorry aniron.ak. My first eBay purchase was a Coach - fake!! I didn't even recieve the purse. The guy was using bogus pictures from other people's posts and bogus eBay id's. It was an impulse buy too!! It has probably happened to most of us. :sad:
  4. :crybaby:
    Yeah i paid with paypal and i already made a report with eBay and my husband kinda did something with paypal, because he had to explain HOW i know its fake... .OMG just by holding it i know its fake! UGH... the packaging was sooo horrible... BOOOO
  5. Everyone gets fooled sometime - don't think it's only you. Did you pay with a credit card? If so, you can do a charge back. I'd send an email right away to the seller demanding a complete refund and move forward with the Paypal complaint. Good luck and keep us posted.
  6. I hope you can get your money back! 90% of wallets on ebay are fake, you have to be very very careful!

    I;m sorry you got burned!
  7. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Aniron :sad: Don't feel dumb, it can happen to anyone. It makes me SO mad when people get duped into buying fakes!! :cursing: Just make sure that next time you think of buying something online post it here for all these Coach experts to verify and then when you get your Coach item in the mail it will be real and beautiful. Cheer up sweetie!
  8. I know how bad it feels to purchase something you believed to be authentic on ebay, only to have it arrive and be a fake. Hope it works out for you (getting your money back!)
  9. i'm sorry to hear that I hope that everything works out in the end!!!
  10. So sorry to hear that.....I hope everything works out and you can get your money back.
  11. This happened to me on Sunday and after I won the bid and paid for the wallet one of the gracious members here on the forum, Kallison, let me know I was suckered!! I was able to get a refund VERY QUICKLY via paypal. The seller contacted me and said she'd give me a full refund.
    Now that I know what I am looking for I see many of these fake Coach Black Leather Envelope Wallets being put out there as "AUTHENTIC". phst...
    Be persistant and don't let up until you are granted your refund.
  12. I've gotten suckered on a couple of eBay purses. Sometimes if you e-mail the seller and ask for a refund, telling them you'll return the item, they go ahead and do it rather than risking negative feedback.
  13. awwww sorry that happened :sad:
    I'd just chalk it up to "lesson learned". Good luck next time :smile:
  14. You are not dumb...you are just a dedicated coach collector and some of the fakes look so real anymore. Even the real bags can be bad when you buy off of ebay. I bought a bag that looked good but there were some things not disclosed. We live and learn and hopefully you get a full refund. Shame on that seller and you should not feel bad for someone taking advantage of other people.
  15. :cursing: It is disgusting! But . . . I also think it is a good thing for us to see, feel and smell a fake.

    I have received 2 fake bags, 1 pair of glasses and one "non existing" tote. I immediately contacted all buyers told them a thing or two and informed them they ARE refunding $$$$. They did. They were reported. The "non existing tote" immediately reported to paypal (but that's a process) and I also went to my bank to report a fraudulent web transaction. The bank got the money back faster!

    It's easier to spot a fake now and that's the way it should be! :yahoo: