I Got STALKED at Coach in Las Vegas!

  1. LOL I just had to share this story! So we went to the Premium Outlets on Monday morning around 10AM.. I made a beeline straight for Coach and OMG it was pure chaos in there :wacko: So I grabbed the first three bags that caught my eye and was walking around looking at everything else when I saw that this guy was basically following me around the store and watching my bags. I was kind of creeped out and went to talk to my parents when the guy came over and was like, "My girlfriend really really wants that bag in your hand and it's the last one in the store, if you decide not to get it will you let me know?"

    So I was like "I'll let you know, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it." So I keep walking around and the guy is STILL trailing me and watching me walk around. And 5 mins later he comes up to me and is like "So do you still want it?" And I'm like "Yes, I'm sorry but I'm buying it." (Talk about a dedicated boyfriend! LOL!). So I went over and handed the purses I wanted to my Dad so my Mom & I could have our hands free while browsing around the store. When we came back my Dad is like, "So remember that girl that wanted your bag? She just came over and told me she'd pay me whatever I wanted if I'd just give that bag to her!"

    And my Mom is like "Yeah she said the same thing to me!" And at this point I'm like :mad: First she gets her boyfriend to trail me, and then she offers my parents money to hand over the bag?? Good grief!! So my Mom goes to stand in line to pay for the bags and the guy is STILL like "Are you SURE you want this?" (WTF!!! We were going to the cashier with the bag in hand.. YES I want it!). So after she paid for the bags I was seriously clutching onto the shopping bag for dear life bc I was sooo petrified this girl was going to come out of nowhere and snatch it away. I was like literally looking over my shoulder every 2 mins before we finally left the Coach store :lol: Talk about ridiculous!!

    Well here are pictures of my three new babies (including the copper one I got stalked for LOL) and a pic of the fountain show from me & my little bro's room in the Bellagio.

  2. Your triplets are cute!
  3. Oh my gosh! People are nuts! I've had people eye me up when I have a bag in the outlet but not full on stalked like you were! I am curious though, I wonder how much they would've paid you ;)
  4. Aww thanks GTOFan.. I love Coach's hobos:love:

    Mssmelanie - LOL I have no idea... my Dad was just like "My daughter really wants this bag.. I'm sorry." I felt bad for the girl.. bc I think we all know what it's like to see the last bag in the store go to someone else, but I would never go that far in trying to get it from them!
  5. I'm going to Las Vegas in two weeks and will also be staying at the Bellagio, cannot wait. I hope what happened to you doesn't happen to me. I definately don't want to be the girl who didn't get the bag. It would totally ruin my vacation b/c then I will only think of the bag I missed out on.
  6. that's really frightening

    it shows you whose in control of that relationship

    and whose the next in line to be admited to the loony bin

    love your new babies
  7. haha that's dedication. which bag was she after?
  8. Those are cute bags:yahoo: but, what a weirdo couple:yucky:
  9. wonder how much she was willing to pay?! :P
  10. The purses you got are really nice! I really thought you were being harassed by a security guard before I read your post. That stalking is just too weird!

    I've never been to a Coach outlet though there is one about an hour north of me. I am kind of intimidated to go for fear it will be all crowded and crazy. I work during the regular week (can't see asking my boss for some time off to go shopping at the Coach outlet) so I know it will be a weekend when I finally get there. Peggy
  11. WOW!!! People are nuts. I live in Vegas and have never heard of that happening to anyone else there. But I would have freaked out. I try to go on weekdays if I can.
    But, score for you on the bag!!!
  12. Which one was the one she liked? I'm guessing the brown one cause I saw the other two in various outlets but not the brown one. Creepy!
  13. ^^ Yup she wanted the brown one.. even the cashier was like "I didn't even know we had this piece" so I'm glad I got to to it LOL. I just fell in love with the green and pink ones because they were so summery :love:

    Alexenjie, don't be scared to go to an outlet! It's probably just the Las Vegas one that gets so insanely crazy & busy... I've been to the one in Lebanon, TN and that one was nowhere as crowded as the Vegas one.

    Alvie - LOL!! That was seriously one whipped boyfriend! We could all probably use tips from that girl on how to break in a guy THAT much! :lol:
  14. That story is hysterical. You (and your family) practiced very good self-control! I would have yelled for the guy to back off along with a few foul words just for good measure...:P

    Nice bag picks! I love the hobo style. Very versatile pieces.
  15. Oh, come on ladies!!...you know how it is when you have to have a certain bag!! That's why we're in the Purse Forum, we're NUTS about handbags!....the poor girl probably was searching for that particular bag for awhile and to watch it slip away in slow motion was pure torture! Yeahh, it was annoying but, give the couple a break.