I got Sophie!!

  1. My cousins and parents went to Japan last weekend and my parents just returned to Hong Kong two nights ago (they will be there for another two weeks). Yesterday my sister left me a message saying that my parents told her they "found my LV" in Japan! And it was the very last one there (out of the three or four stores they went to in Tokyo)!

    I'm not sure if my cousin was able to purchase me the Damier (most likely), mono (not very likely) or both (near impossible) but they did say the last one left...I didn't think the Damier Sophie would sell out in Japan that quickly, but then again, it's Japan. I did ask her to buy both for me if she managed to find both, wouldn't that be great? :biggrin: But I will be happy with just the Damier too.

    This will be my first LV purchase in awhile...it's been a record for me. My last LV purchase was September 4th, which means I haven't gotten any LVs in almost three months :wtf: Whoa

    I won't be able to post pics until after the 14th, since that is when my parents come back home to Canada, but I just thought I'd share the news here and if you can find someone to get one for you in Japan, hurry!!
  2. Ooo can't wait to see some pics!
    I love the Damier one.
  3. Congratulations Karmen!! That is such a HOT bag. I would love to get my hands on one but I don't know anyone in Japan. Please post pics when your parents get back. I'm dying to see it. Since I can't get one, at leat I can live through pictures of yours! I really hope you get both .... hehehe ...
  4. Karman! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see her! This is the best souvenier! Far better than a tshirt or postcard!
  5. Very cool! You will love her!
  6. Thanks, guys!

    halunfishie I will definitely post tons of pics when I get it.

    Yeah...I think this will be the best souvenir ever...only I will be paying for it :p;) (Or who knows maybe my parents will only ask for a portion of the money back or none at all :nuts: Best Christmas gift, maybe?)
  7. Congrats!! It's a darling little bag :love:
  8. Congrats!! It's such a cute bag!
  9. Congrats!!! I hope it's the Damier Sophie!!!!
  10. Congrats, can't wait for pics!!!
  11. congrats I'm still holding out hope that it'll eventually come to the UK
  12. OMG!!! Congrats!!!
  13. Congrats, Karman :nuts:
  14. COngratulations! I can't wait to see the results!
  15. That's awesome! Congrats on being able to find it.