I got something from Chanel in the mail!!!

  1. Haha. not a bag or what so ever.

    I came home today and saw a big white envelope there for me.. from Chanel!

    they have just sent me the new catalogue. Okay. This is the first time they ever send me one.. so I'm kinda excited. I saw this pearl necklace and i love it...

    Thats so gonna be on my wishlist.
  2. I love getting those booklets too!
  3. Mine was a work of art....put together with metal coils...very cool.
  4. Arg, I hope I get one in the mail too! Haha. The most I got was a hard cover Chanel Fine Jewelry catalog. I look through it when I'm bored lol.
  5. Lucky!!! I never got one! I didn't know Chanel had catalogs! Enjoy yours!
  6. I got that in the mail today too, I love to get all the catalogs they mail out.

    For all those who don't receive catalogs from Chanel, just ask your SA to add your name and address to the list, that's what mine did. Just ask, then you'll get them too :yes:.
  7. Ooooo...do you think you can scan some of them? Would love to see them for someone who doesn't live in the states

  8. oh yes please
  9. Only boutique SA receives catalogs or Saks&NM SAs too? I don't know any boutique SA....
  10. I hope i have one of those booklet!
  11. they usually send me one so hopefully mine will come soon too
  12. Oh! I just receive mine today too! It's the 2008 Cruise Accessories catalogue. I'd be scanning them for those who are interested.
  13. I believe these catalogs get mailed out from Chanel headquarters in NYC. My SA in a NJ Chanel boutique added my name to the mailing list, she told me this way I would get all the mailings, that they are mailed out from headquarters. She had no catalogs to mail out herself. All the catalogs I have ever received from Chanel have been mailed out from New York, not from NJ where I usually purchase.

    I don't know how it works if your main SA is in a department store.
  14. I got mine from NY too
  15. ooh I hope I get mine soon too...haha or do I? it only tempts me to want more!