I got something FREE at the Coach boutique yesterday! yep it's true

  1. [​IMG]

    Yep, I got a mint! A Coach logo imprinted mint to be exact!

    Call me a cheese ball :p, but it's true, Coach does give out free gifts! Now why couldn't it have been a key fob or something.
  2. They had a dish of these at the register in my store when I was in on Friday but I forgot to take one. I wondered what the actual mint looked like!
  3. I saw those yesterday and I had the urge to dump all of them into my bag , so freaking cute , maybe next time it will be a Carly they give for free
  4. haha i have a collection of the wrappers but i ate all the mints :p
  5. ooh, i can't wait to get one! are they those pillow mints?
  6. i'd probably collect the wrappers too, considering i collect all the tags and catalogs that i get ! =)
  7. LOVE it! :p
  8. Cute!
  9. haha i got some too earlier this week! i think its cute, COACH candy! lol.
  10. Awww... How cute!
  11. Ooh! I'd be so tempted to steal them! How cute and funny would be if a friend asked you for a mint, and you pulled out one of those? :p
  12. And they're TASTY mints, the softer buttermint type. :drool:
  13. Those mints kept my kids VERY happy while I was shopping at Coach. They could hold the ones the SA gave them and eat them when we got in the car...if they did not touch ANYTHING or otherwise menace the Boutique :angel: . It worked :smile:
  14. I second that :tup:

    And the wrappers are so cute!
  15. haha i love that!