i got some...

  1. hey PF members

    i've been BOOT shopping! :smile:

    FINALLY, i've got a pair of BOOTS :amuse:

    Now, i guess you can say i look like everyone else on the street! hehehehe! :shame: i'm such a sheep!

    i just wanted to share my new boots with you all! they're nothing flash... just from a Vintage Shop... :amuse: they're really soft and comfortable... so i've got no blisters!!!

    Photos were taken by my friend, Nix (here at work) hehehe!

    hehehe, 2nd pair of shoes in 2 weeks! NOT bad!!! :amuse:
    random 001.jpg random 002.jpg
  2. Those are cute...I love vintage!!
  3. Nice boots! I like vintage boots, and they look very nice on you!
  4. Congrats, they look very nice & comfy! You are all set for winter, then...
  5. so cute in black!

    i have some flat gold dolce vitas in the exact same cut/style and they're so comfy i wear them every 2nd day.
  6. cute! flat black boots are a staple nowadays!
  7. CUTE!:biggrin::yes:
  8. very cute helen!
  9. Nice boots helenz,actually i like your stockings too !! very sexy. :heart:
  10. they look cool:cool:
    very fluffy!!!!!
  11. They look so comfy! Enjoy them!
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