I got some weird looks from other women...

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  1. Last weekend I thought I would take my black and white ponytail scarf (it has signature on one side and polka dots on the other, normally wear it as a neckerchief since I have short hair) and tie it on the strap of my black Soho hobo. When hubby and I were at the mall, I got some odd looks from other women, as if they were saying "Why did you tie a scarf onto your handbag?" It was as if it were the strangest thing they had ever seen.

    I used to live in Florida, I would see women tying scarves on handbags, so I don't get the weird looks from people up here in New York. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. But I did find it annoying.
  2. maybe they were just jealous :smile:
  3. that sucks . . . i live in NJ and tied the legacy stripe ponytail scarf on my tan leather carly and i got complimented on it.

    maybe those women have no sense of style , poor them
  4. What! Everyone does that.


    What part of upstate Ny are you from?
  5. honestly, I never see it around here either. I had never even really heard of the ponytail scarf on the bag thing until I started reading this board
  6. I agree with the above- they were probably jealous and have no sense of style. :biggrin: I tie my legacy stripe ponytail scarf on the handle of my bag always. :smile:
  7. I tied a non-coach scarf on my bag the other day and 2 women I know told me how cute it looked and that they hadn't seen it before. It's not common around here to do that. Maybe they just weren't used to seeing it???
  8. It's not that common around here either. They probably hadn't seen that done before. I wouldn't worry about - do whatever pleases you and not others.
  9. I live in the Adirondacks, where summer is beautiful but the winters are harsh (well, compared to Florida, LOL!). I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes to put a scarf on their handbag. Maybe the women around here don't think of it as practical.
  10. I had never seen a scarf on a bag before until this forum. They just might not be used to seeing it that way.
  11. It's not common around here either. I have my legacy scarf tied on my shoulder bag, and I've gotten a few compliments on it.
  12. Weat it proudly I bet they were just jealous!
  13. I live in Central NY (Syracuse area). I get looks in my stepford wife surburban neighborhood because I do not carry (at least on a regular basis) Vera Bradley bags AND I tie a scarf on my Coach.

    What is really funny is the looks when I carry a Balenciaga. People look at it like it came from outer space or something.
  14. Ditto. I've never seen anyone in my area do that...ever. Had never seen it until I got here at tPF. :smile: I like it though!
  15. That is really odd. It is so common to see other ladies with all kinds of hair accessories attached to thier bags (for the purpose of pulling their hair back if it starts to bug them I imagine) why not a pretty ponytail scarf!!!

    I can imagine your bag looked so cute! If the girls here saw it we would all be admiring your great style!!