I got some presents while on vacation...! (looong post, sorry!)

  1. hehehe...I AM BACK! :devil: ....I had an interesting time...the "main" island of Hawaii is NOT what I expected at all...miles and miles of lava and little things of grass....now lets get to the fun part...ANYWAY.........

    I stopped off in San Fransico for 2 nights. I had a FABULOUS time! My aunt gave me her old Dior and gave my mom her old Chanel (auntie carol, if you are ever on here, JOIN AND post a pic of your fab collection )...

    my aunt, my mom, and I were shopping around Union square. We went to the Neiman Marcus Rotunda and shopped SO MUCH!! Six levels of fashion! We went downstaires to the purse section (aka my home) and we went all around trying on different bags. We had lunch there and it was great.

    Naturally, I HAD to go visit my summer vacation house (aka Louis Vuitton... LOL!) That store is so freakin big! They had the trunk display ( white mc trunks = LOVE! My aunt came in there and practically bought the WHOLE store...a damier pochette, 3 mono cles, a speedy 30 in mc, a pti wallet....!!! She gave me one of her cles!! (i love you Carol!) Then I went to Saks and bougt Juicy Couture Ballet slippers and some Micheal Kors heels...my mom bought some Chanel flats, Dior flats, and some Christian Louboutian pumps (too bad i am not a size 8:push: ) Okay... I am gonna post this post, and then do another post saying what i did in sunny Hawaii.....
  2. HAWAII:

    Like I said in my first post, the "main" island WASNT what I expected at all! I was glad they had one lv store that wasnt that long of a drive...I am so sad...I DIDNT GET MY SPEEDY! :crybaby: My dad said no, but he still gave me 300 dollars to spend there... My mom actually got something at the LV store for herself for once (actually, i made her...lol!) it was a fun trip, but IMO, i dont think i could live there....i could probably get by fine in Maui or San Fransico, but not the main island.
    the prices werent that much discounted, I'll tell you what were some of the ones i remembered...
  3. Speedy 25 (mono, damier)- $565.00
    Mini Pochette - $205.00
    Reade PM- $665 (I am pretty sure thats correct)
    Pochette (mono, damier, damier azur)- $265.00
    pochette mm (mc)- $310.00
    pochette gm (mc)- $390.00

    thats all i remembered!
  4. wow that sounds like such an awesome trip. i wish i had family like yours :smile:
  5. i shal post pics.... (note to self: need laptop and a digital camera)...(i have been using my cell phone to take pics...thats why they are so blury..lol!)
  6. I see only a $20.00 difference on the Speedy 25...interesting, thanks for sharing - yea, when you are away from the "hustle and bustle of Hawaii" it's very BORING and TROPICAL - it's still pretty, I have only been to Maui and absoultely loved it - shopping at Whaler's Village!!! FUN! FU!N F!UN

    Sounds like your aunt had a fun shopping trip to the LV store in SF!!!
  7. welcome back, sweetheart! Glad you had fun shopping! :yes:
    Sorry about all that lava there in Hawaii.....:p
  8. dude i wish i had gotten to wear michael kors heels when i was twelve. you have great taste for someone so young lucky you!
  9. Rotunda is awesome!!! I always eat there while im in NM.
  10. what a vacation! nice!
  11. The Big Island is very diverse. It sounds like you stayed on the Kohala coast or Kona? The other side has the active volcano and Hilo is very lush. The prices in Hawaii are only about 5-6% cheaper. The tax is 4.72% Not enough to make a special trip, but a nice little surprise when you are already there.

    It sounds like you had a fabulous vacation!
  12. yeah, i stayed in Kona...I stayed at the Mauna Lani Bay Resort...I liked it alot...
  13. haha...here is my stuff. going to post my moms purchase later...she hid it in the bottom of her suitcase so my dad wouldnt find it
    damierminipochette.jpg damierpochette2.jpg lvmonocles.jpg
  14. Oh the Mauna Lani is beautiful. We were just there in October and November and stayed at the Prince Hapuna, which is just a few miles down. It is gorgeous and has an amazing beach.

    There's not much to do down there on the Kohala coast except shop at Kings' shops, swim/laze or play golf! :smile: It's a quiet and relaxing place though!

    Love the pics!! What great purchases!
  15. :heart: it! Congrats! I think you'll get much use from this little pretty! I use mine often.....