I got some more goodies.

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  1. Who wants to see what I got?
  2. I'm here :biggrin:
  3. yeah i do
  4. Me!!!! Let's see!
  5. me 2
  6. I wanna see!
  7. me!!!!,,,bring it!!!!
  8. Okay first up is something that just came out.

  9. A peyton??
  10. Aww, boo! I can't see the pics at work. Some people's pics show up on my work computer and others don't, weird! Oh well... I'll stop back by later at home to check out your goods! Congrats!
  11. Ahhhhh Ohhhhhhh
  12. waiting!
  13. No

    Another hint

  14. poppy hobo in rose?
  15. And here is the strap