I got some Juicy in the mail today! Who wants to see?

  1. Nice items
  2. love the mouse xoxo
  3. congrats on your bag! i think people are more idk intimidated ? idk if thats the right word or honestly sometimes a little too jealous to compliment others carrying LV. I get more compliments on my coach bag, but its moreso because no realizes its coach haha, but wear what you love and you know that your speedy isnt a fake!
  4. Cuteness! I always love their wrapping paper.
  5. Very nice bag and love the mouse!!!:biggrin:
  6. I love that bag. So cute. It's exactly the same one I saw being carried by a girl on the train a few months ago. After seeing hers I suddenly wanted one, but I think I'll go for a black one or a spotty one I saw on Amazon.
  7. Cute!
  8. Very cute
  9. the mouse is quite nice i love it
  10. Congrats on your pretty bag! The mouse is my favorite!! :biggrin:
  11. congrats!! I love it! I bought myself another juicy bag today! I haven't bought on since I was like 17 (2 years ago). I'm 19 now and im loving my new juicy bag! I have several lvs and i never really get compliments on them either. but my friends love my juicy bag!

    Congrats again! Oh and I love your mouse!
  12. my juicy bags are all around 300 bucks...the only ones i find on sale are ugly, so i just buy the expensive one...


    also, i know how you feel about your louis bag....i'm debating buying my next louis bag for the same reason-so many fakes, and so many women who can't tell the difference....some fool actually told me my bag wasn't real after overhearing someone else compliment it.

    then, the same fool asks another woman where she got her authentic Fendi bag from so they could purchase it for their friend.

    i took one look at the bad stitching and cheap plastic canvas........omg...the woman later admitted to me that her bag is fake, and said i was the only one who ever noticed.

    ugh.it sickens me to no end, but at least i can feel good knowing that my bag is made from authentic materials and that louis vuitton got paid for the design and workmanship.....
  13. i love LOVE the mouse! (: Very nice find!
  14. Does anybody have any idea where I could get a juicy bag that was sold in 2006...I tried eBay & didnt have any luck!!! Do y'all have any suggestions?!?!?!

  15. Just keep checking eBay, it will probably turn up.
    Also do a "search" and sign up for the emails that will alert you when someone lists an item with that description. GL