I got some Juicy in the mail today! Who wants to see?

  1. So Since getting my black daydreamer as a birthday gift over a year ago, I have used it so much and gotten so many compliments I decided I needed a second in another color. With the 25% off sale I could not resist. Its actually kinda funny, I think I have yet to get one compliment on my LV speedy (bought almost 3 years ago) in fact I have had my friends who are not into bags at all say "I know your LV is real but It doent look any nicer than the good fakes" and then they went on to say "But its obvious your Juicy bag is real because it looks SO nice". Of course I LVoe my speedy (still my favorite bag) but I have just been suprised at the ammount of compliments on my Juicy bag. Anyways, at 21 why not have a fuzzy pink bag right?:p Its just cute and fun..

    I actually feel kinda guilty buying myself an expensive "christmas gift", but Its so darn cute and I can afford it...so I am ~almost~ 100% sure I will be keeping this bag! What do you all think... keep? :smile:


    Oh, and for $20 I could resist the Juicy Mouse for my laptop either:p

  2. Very cute, love that shade of pink! That mouse is cute too!
  3. Omg $20?! what a deal! Congrats!
  4. Cute bag! Definitely a keeper! I love that mouse too!
  5. Congrats on your bag! Very cute! :smile:
  6. Sorry for taking so long to come back..Thanks everyone:smile: I actually decided to return the bag..because While I was deciding I found an all leather bag I like more, it is not Juicy though. I love the pink but I still feel like $160 is too much for a bag of this material. I might have to swing by an outlet one of these days and see if they have some better deals
  7. a leather bag would probably last longer anyways, since it wouldnt get as dirty and worn:]
  8. the outlets aren't THAT much of a deal on some bags
  9. love the bag I wish all velours have the leather up on the corners because one of my bags without the leather on the corner has gotten dirty
  10. Love them! Congrats!!!
  11. Ahh, I love that mouse, but I would be so worried it would be uncomfortable.
  12. Wow $20 for that mouse is such a steal! My friend just nabbed a mouse similar to yours for $60-70! :nuts:
  13. so gorgeous! congrats :smile:
  14. Love everything pink
  15. love the mouse , bag is nice too