I got some gorgeous pieces from Kylie's collection at H&M today >>

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  1. I got this really cute top in silver, soooo pretty, they were out of the gold :sad: but im going to go back on wednesday and see if i can take the one on the model in the window lol

    Then I got another top in gold from the Kylie collection, and this gorgeous little cardi in beige from Topshop (it looks nicer in real life)

  2. How is the quality of the stuff?
  3. very nice! I like!
  4. How is the quality of the stuff?

    Good enough for the price imo. Should last me a couple of summers I reckon, seeings our summers are quite lame. Personally, I think the quality beats Madonna's and Kate Moss' lines though. The bikini's were really cute too!
  5. That silver top sounds cute. It's not a halterneck top is it? (Kinda hard to see on the pic...)
  6. No, it's two straps, it's a bit weird, lol, but in a good way. You can adjust the straps by making the neckline smaller or bigger :smile:

    Its really pretty, I can take a pic if you like :smile:
  7. Oo! Pretty! I love the cardigan! Can you take a pic? I'd love to see what the silver top looks like in 'normal' light.:smile:
  8. Ahh, thanks for your reply. If it is not too much trouble for you a pic would be great! I'm thinking of getting that top myself, after having seen your post here.
  9. Here we are! :smile:
    Sorry, I have like 4 reports to write for college :sad: lol
    With Flash
    Without Flash

  10. IMO the kylie line looks a lot better than any other of the celbrity lines. ^_^
  11. It's really nice! IMO, it's prettier than the gold one Kylie's modelling. Uhh, I can relate to lots of work. I must have logged 7 hours on one assignment today alone. Good luck w/papers.
    ^Definitely agree with Liberte. I don't even want to talk about the Kate Moss mishap.
  12. cute tops!
  13. I like the colour and the style of the top.
  14. Thanks for the pics VenetiaWanter! The top is very nice, I think I will buy it too (if I can get a hold of it, that is...)
    Great buy!
  15. Very cute! Calgary's first H&M just opened recently! I think I'll go today :smile: thanks for posting!