I got some goodies at the Murakami Exhibit in MOCA

  1. I spoke with the SA in the boutique and the multi color black and white agenda are all SOLD OUT! So I just got a small neverfull and other goodies. Its a really cool exhibit for LV and art lovers. I never knew Duchamp and Warhol had such a big influence on Murakami. Sorry the pic isn't focused.
    LV 003.jpg
  2. It's lovely I really like it
    are they still doing the other designs or only the hands now?
  3. oh I love it!
  4. congrats! i'm TOTALLY drooling. Hopefully there will be somethings left when I go this weekend.
  5. oh god i'm sooo envy you...

    i think i'm obsessed with that bag now!!!

  6. i wish i could be there in person!
    i want everything!
    thanks for the pix :smile:
  7. Thanks everyone.......The only handbag they are selling are neverfulls with the big LV logo (small, medium, and large size)..and they do have a matching coin purse. As for the agenda it has another character on it. I also heard from the SA on the phone that you have to be in person to buy it.
  8. awww its so cute.
  9. Daughter and I went today, too. I was debating if I would buy anything or not and of course, I did. I got the medium bag and the little round coin purse, which daughter quickly claimed as her own. I was hoping they would let a person get two bags, but no. The LV items were really cute in person and we both LOVED the room covered in smiling flowers. She picked out the smiling flower pin and pack of postcards. Now we have to go to her school tomorrow morning and give a show and tell run-down of our day. Her class (grade 4-6 combo) has chosen anime as one of their areas of study this year, so this falls right into it. She also got a kick out of talking with the Japanese television people, so she can't wait to go and tell all her friends. She thought the big boob lady gushing all over was gross - me too.
  10. I love it congrats
  11. Luvtoshop: Congrats... I hoping that they will have a neverfull in GM when I get there

    Cdpug- looks like you had a great day... I plan on going on Friday
  12. gorgeous goodies!
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats on your purchase!

    Edit-To-Note: I can't believe the angenda are all sold out! =( I wonder if that's it and they'll just be featuring the exhibition without the LV items ?
  14. Congrats!! The bag is soooo cool!!
  15. Very cool, I hope I can go!! I love the neverfull!!! So sweet!