I Got Some Damier Azur Pics!!!!!

  1. Hi you all,

    I was surfing the net and found these. I also included some pics of the regular damier luggage!:yes:
    pwzAtmosphere2_061506.jpg pwLOlenska_092705.jpg pwzAtmosphere3_061506.jpg pwzAtmosphere20_061506.jpg pwzAtmosphere25_061506.jpg pwzAtmosphere_061506.jpg pwZZAtmosphere_092705_6.jpg pwZZAtmosphere_092705_7.jpg pwZZAtmosphere_092705_11.jpg pwZZAtmosphere_092705_12.jpg
  2. Hmmm, maybe it is just me, but the Azur line looks more like a summer bag.
  3. So cute!! I can't wait to see what pieces they come out with!
  4. wow, that little box is so cute!! what´s that??
  5. My thoughts too, I'm surprised they didn't release it in spring!
  6. ahh gorgeous :biggrin:
  7. Beautiful pics :girlsigh: , thanks for posting
  8. Wonderful pictures! Thanks for posting them.

    I'm not sure what to think about this new product line. It does look more spring/summer. I think I was surprised by the light grey color choice.

    Can't wait to see it in person.:yes:
  9. i love the pics lvlover30

    thanks so much, now i get to envy the damier azur line.

  10. Thanks for posting pics!:girlsigh: I really can't wait to see the line in person.:yes:
  11. Great photos! It is kind of summery, but I think it is part of the cruise collection.
  12. i cant wait for this line to be out!! i want the speedy 25!
  13. Thanks for the pictures. Since this line is light colored, is anyone else worrying about stains and etc.?
  14. Great pictures! But I don't really care for it. To me it looks like an anemic version of damier.
  15. I was just going to say it looked like a summer bag to me and then I read The Snorks post. It's definitely on my list but I probably would only use it in the Spring/Summer.
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