I got some Bleecker in Canary!!

  1. I took back the taryn sunglasses and got the bleecker wristlet in Canary today!! It was hard to pick between that and the little wallet that comes in Canary but the wristlet won out..

    The wallet was so cute though!

    Here's the pics!

    1. Wristlet with Magenta Duffle
    2. Wristlet alone
    3. Wristlet with Citron shoulder bag to compare the color.
    IMG_0160.JPG IMG_0164.JPG IMG_0165.JPG
  2. Love the color!!! Congrats!!
  3. The color's pretty! Congrats.
  4. I have the mini wallet in Canary. It's a great accessory color. I see the Pond or Grass wristlet in my future. :smile:

    I love the contrast of the Canary and your Magenta duffle - looks awesome!
  5. My sister was admiring this yesterday. Congrats!
  6. What a beautiful color, so bright.
  7. great color, congrats!
  8. I love the color! Congrats! Hope you enjoy them.
  9. Very pretty congrats!
  10. I love that color ~ so bright and cheerful!
  11. I just love the Canary Color. I think I am going to get a wristlet in pool to go with my
    canary duffle. Congrats!
  12. OMG!!!!! AMAZING!!!! Congrats!!!!
  13. WOW!!! Beautiful color! CONGRATS!!!
  14. What a cheerful color, congrats!
  15. magenta and canary =stunning