I got sniped!!!...I'm so disappointed...

  1. Well, it was bound to happen some time! I had bid on an absolutely ADORABLE tangerine straw wristlet clutch purse on e-bay! I had seen them when they were on the website and loved them. I don't know if they've hit the outlets or not..

    I was down to the lasty 20 seconds!!! AND someone who had not bid at all outbid me.

    Oh, well, I guess it wasn't meant to be, but that clutch was to die for...leather, patent, and cloth, with a cute chain and leather strap. Big enough to hold stuff.

    Anybody know if these bags are available anywhere??

    Grumble, Grumble.....:crybaby:It was 40433...
  2. grrrr

    i hate it when i get sniped too. that happened to me last week with an impossible to find bag. i haven't seen it since :sad: i hope you find another!
  3. Ever heard of auctionsniper.com? If I want something really bad or if I am not going to be home when an auction ends I always use it! You can set it to bid seconds before an auction ends - I set mine at 3 seconds!
  4. I am really sorry. It makes me so mad when stuff like that happens! Maybe it wasn't meant to be; like what if it was fake, or maybe you'll find one at a better price later. Everything does happen for a reason.
  5. i have used that site, but you only get so many for free, then you have to buy credits or refer friends to snipe. There is another one too, i can't remember the site though, but it is totally free.

    i am a hypocryte though, i snipe too sometimes... just hate it when it happens to me :sad:
  6. No, I haven't!! I will have to look into that. I just had a "feeling" that someone was going to swoop in, but just didn't know it would be that close to the end! Thanks for the advice and for all the pats on the shoulder...:sad:
  7. rethreads, I don't really hold any animosity toward the sniper, because it is legal and anything goes in these auctions! If I wanted something badly enough, I might do it, too..
  8. Just happened to me....may have to check out one of those sniper sites....
  9. I hate it too, but am also a hypocrite because I do the same thing. I have a SwingPack that I want so bad right now and I know I'll wait until the last 10 seconds to bid.
  10. I really think it is useless to bid more than 1-3 minutes before it ends... I always wait until teh last because if you bid early people will just keep bidding it up until it's not worth it anymore.

    My boyfriend is a pro at winning things on eBay... hehe.

    But yeah i really don't recomment bidding days or hours before it ends.. you'll get outbid and it will end up probably going for more than you wanted to spend...

    And you have to be there for those last seconds, usually I have two windows open- the auction where I can refresh to see time and amount then the bidding window where I can keep bidding if need be. That way you don't have to keep waiting for the page to reload to see what's going on with it... KWIM?

    Just my opinion.
  11. I have never understood why people bid on items until right before the auction ends. All it does is raise the price of the item and also let everyone know how badly you want it. I never bid until the last 10 seconds.
  12. Thanks for all your expert advice, ladies! I, too, feel I should wait until the last minute, but then I conjure up images of all the other bidders ranting at me...:rant:

    I'm trying to send the image from the drilldown of what I lost out on, but I'm a novice at sending pictures..advice?
  13. You can just link to the eBay auction or even just copy and paste from the website (tPF Coachies dont mind if you do that just for show purposes!) I found the eBay one for you and will post pic:
    It really is cute! There were other ones in different colors that sold recently, and for a big range of prices...from $68 to $199!
  14. Oh sniping is about all I do esp. when I can't be at the computer however I did lose an auction today but my bid was too low.

    Oh well another will come maybe even for a better price!