I got scammed on ePUPZ!!!!(very long)

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  1. :tdown: I am so sad/angry/frustrated and many other crazy emotions. I have been on the look out for another dog and have been trying to decide amongst a couple of different breeds. I finally settled on a chihuahua since I have 2 already and I know the breed pretty well now. I have searching on ePUPZ and I emailed a couple of potential people and wasn't finding what I was looking for. Then about 4 days ago I stumble among one that is pretty promising. They sent me some pics and I was in love. I contact the owner and they tell me that they are actually living in Scotland not London like it said in their ad. I said sorry for wasting their time b/c that was way too far for us. They said that they dealt with a lot of people all over england and that they could have her delivered to our house. I was so excited and asked them a couple of questions and we decided to go for it and get her. We send them a moneygram which is very expensive(£36). The puppy cost £500 including delivering to our house. Me and my dh were so happy and they told us they were not looking to make a lot of money they were more concerned with finding a good forever home for their pups. Then yesterday he calls and says that the vet is demanding payment for looking after all the puppies and wants to be paid immediately. He doesn't have the money so he has the nerve to ask us to help him out and he swears he will pay us back. I said hell no that is his responsibility to pay for that and we want a refund of our money and the money it cost to have same day transfer. He says that he already paid the courier that is shipping her and he can only refund us £300. I told him that he should have taken her to the vet and made sure she was healthy before he paid the courier. He said that he would call us back and now he has his phone shut off and is not responding to our emails. I was so shocked and angry that he asked us to fork over money the he owned the vet. I really wanted the puppy and she was beautiful and am heart broken that he ripped us off. We have contacted a lawyer but they can't see us till Thursday and I am afraid that we won't get our money back :crybaby:. I do feel partly responsible for being so naive to think that we could get such a perfect dog for a price like that. I am sorry this is so long I just need to get this out before I scream(even more than I already have). Thanks for listening to me whine :crybaby::crybaby:
  2. I contacted epupz and I hope they take the ad down before someone else gets scammed.
  3. Oh my gosh!!! I can't believe the nerve of that guy!!! I'm so sorry this is happening to you, I would be just as upset...I really do hope you are able to get your money back.

    In the future, be careful of buying online...sometimes it is from puppymills as well. I'm not saying always, but you don't wanna chance it.

  4. What an awful experience. I hope you can get your money back.

    It is never a good idea to buy an animal without seeing it in person first. Even if he had sent you a dog, it might not be the one in the photos you saw, or it could be sickly.

    He may have pulled this bait and switch scam before. A good breeder would want to meet the buyer and interview them to see if they would provide a good home for the dog. If someone is willing to send a dog anywhere without knowing anything about the buyer, then you can be sure they are just in it for the money.

    Many poorly-bred, unhealthy animals are being sold on the internet these days.:cursing:
  5. that's terrible.....sorry to hear about your experience...
  6. There are a lot of scams like that now a days. It's best if you do a quick google search before you send money. There was an ad on craigslist for a yorkie and I emailed them and they were talking about sending the dog from Cameroon, Africa when the listing was supposed to be in the Atlanta area!! That sent a red flag right away. A quick search on google confirmed it was indeed a scam. Scamming with animals, can you imagine? People need to get a life!!

    I really hope you get your money back. =(
  7. ^^ That is what got me the most. I realize that is was one of the stupidest things I have done but I would never think someone would scam with an animal. I knew something didn't feel right but I blocked it because either way I wanted to give the puppy a good home. I still am shocked by it. We called moneygram company and asked if the money was picked up and if it was picked up in the city where we designated and they said yes the money was picked up but it was picked up somewhere else!!! They can't tell me where without a court order.
  8. It's not your fault! Who would think there would be scams involving PETS of all things? It's absolutely insane and I can't believe people actually do it! I really hope you get your money back. It's such a sucky situation to be in. :sad:
  9. Why would anyone buy a dog mail order?

    For someone to offer this kind of "service" would immediately make me think they were puppy farmers.

    I think you should call the police in regard to the fraud, and if this person ever had any animals, then if they are farmed, at least they may be saved.

    I'm sincerely sorry you lost your money and hope you can get it back.

  10. I am sorry to tell you but if you use services like epupz, you are actively supporting the business of puppy millers.
  11. This is the reason why I would never use a service like that - and the fact that it more than likely supports puppy mills and other unethical things dealing with animals. Only animal shelters for me!
  12. Hi,
    Sorry to hear that you had such an awful experience with Epupz.

    Our much loved male Dobermann died of cancer and DCM in February this year, at only seven years old. I also found a Dobermann puppy at a bargain price on Epupz, it was just £200 or near offers! Emailed the breeder, then telephoned conversations followed. The breeder agreed to deliver the puppy and he arrived a few days after the first email was sent. JJ is now almost six months old a has the most fantastic and loving character. Even has a tail!

    I hope you get your money back and find the dog you are looking for. Have you tried breed rescue or contacted your local breed club for the dogs you are interested in. They are valuable sources of information. Might be worth going to an open dog show too to speak to breeders.

    Good luck!!!!!!

  13. I have seen Dobermann puppies for sale on Epupz from very reputable breeders, that health test their dogs and raise them very carefully. You have to take care wherever you get your dog from.
  14. I should add that all my other dogs have come from breeders that I met in person (and their dogs) before I purchased a puppy. I was very lucky with JJ.
  15. I'm having a problem pulling up links on the site, but is it an actual kennel who ships out dogs no matter who "orders" them, or like a brokerage that can bring together purchasers & breeders (reputable or not)? THere's a big difference since the scammer could be the seller of the dog, and not epupz. Some reputable breeders use internet services (like classifieds for a fee or percentage) to advertise their dogs, BUT the interested party still has to go through the same rigorous process to get one (personally interviewing interested individuals, spay/neuter contracts for companion pets, home visits, etc) by going directly though them, for example terrificpets.com. I know of many great breeders who use their services that are hobby breeders and don't make money since they take the utmost care and expense in doing so, but do this so they can generate interest and have more prospects to find a good home. However, any joe blow can advertise dogs, and the buyer needs to beware.
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