I got scammed on Ebay and they suspended ME!

  1. This is my first post to the forum, but I've been reading it for years. I was hoping you guys would know what to do, as you always seem to give other people great advice! :smile: I've been selling on eBay for about 2 years now, and I had a Balenciaga First bag in Mastic that I wanted to sell, due to financial difficulties (I've got a huge car repair bill). I bought the bag from Diabro, and have the receipt, packaging...everything! I had 100% feedback, although I had never sold anything this expensive...mainly just clothing. About a day after I set up the auction, a man bought it claiming that it was for his girlfriend. He paid through Paypal, and it's a good thing I didn't mail it that day, because the payment was charged back...he used a stolen credit card. So the scammer was hoping I would mail the bag before the payment reversed, but luckily I waited. I looked at his feedback which was now showing negatives that weren't there the day before from other people he had scammed. I reported him to eBay, and the next day, I tried to relist the bag, and they told me that I had been suspended for not keeping with the "spirit and policies" of eBay. What the heck is that supposed to mean? I almost got scammed on their stupid site and they had the nerve to suspend me! Now I don't know what to do. Does anyone know of another site to sell on that actually gets good traffic? I saw MyPoupette has one, but it doens't seem like anything is selling on there. Also, Ioffer seems full of replicas and really cheap bags. I wish there was a good Ebay alternative out there! It seems like the honest sellers get suspended while the criminals keep right on selling. :cursing:
  2. You should call them up and explain to them the situation, that you're the victim here. It's kind of strange they susupended you... have you gotten a negative from that buyer?
  3. No, but I have a feeling he complained about me to deflect from himself. I contacted another seller that he did the same thing to, and they said he complained about them to Ebay, even though he scammed them. I tried calling there, and they don't make it easy! I had to google for their number, as they don't list it on the site, and then when I called, I was on hold for 45 min and just gave up. I have a feeling that they may have also suspended me because it was my first time selling a bag. It seems like they are crazy when it comes to anyone selling a high ticket item. Maybe they assumed that because I only sold smaller items before, that it wasn't legitimate? I don't know it doesn't make any sense to me.
  4. Call them.
  5. eBay probably raised a red flag because you relisted the bag so quickly without filing a claim first. Definitely contact them and explain, they will probably help you out.
  6. I'd definitely call them. That is so ridiculous. I'm sorry that happened to you!
  7. Sometimes ebay is really hard to deal with. I hope everything works out in the end.
  8. This is crazy. I am so sorry! I think it is worth to wait online for 45 minutes to get thing straighten out. In the meantime, you could check Square Trade to see if they can help.
  9. Don't give up, you are an established seller, he obviously is a problem, unfortunately, you'll be the one who has to deal with the hassle of waiting on the phone to talk to ebay.
    Take deep breaths & manicure your nails while you're on hold- it'll help pass the time.
    Best of luck- you'll get it straightened out.
    And I hope your scammer falls face first into some cow patties.:mad:
  10. I have a really stupid question, but are you sure the email you received from Ebay wasn't a fake? I get fake emails from Ebay all the time telling me I've been suspsended due to some violation or another, but they are always fake. After I go to Ebay and log into my account from there, I've never been suspsended. This just sounds too bizarre. If it is legitimate, I would definately call them. Don't email them because their responses via email are usually useless and vague. Sorry you have to deal with this when you are clearly the victim!
  11. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Definitely call eBay and explain the situation. In the mean time focus on karma, and hopefully this jerk will get what's coming to him five times over!
  12. you need to call them and explain the situation. You have been a ebayer member for 2 years with 100% feedback you should not be treated that way
  13. Def call, email, and do live help as many times as you can. Eventually you should be able to get someone to help. I even faxed them over an issue I had. Also, be sure in your emails to include the PayPal email on the chargeback... they want headers of all emails also to make sure it comes from PayPal and you.
  14. even if you have to wait a really long time i think it is worth it to talk to someone at e-bay and explain the situation. i know it's a pain cuz i've had to do the same thing with paypal before (they put you on hold forever). don't give up! just put the phone on speakerphone or whatever while you're on hold....i think it's definitely worth it, i think if you talk to someone and explain the situation they should stop suspending you