I got one of my dream bags and it is...BIG!!!

  1. Helllo everyone!Well, it was during my summer vacation when the thriller(lol!) about the black reissue was unfolding in front of me-you know everybody swimming and having fun while I was stuck at my laptop screen sweating :sweatdrop:not because it was burning hot but due to my anxiety to be back in Vienna and get my dream bag and believe me leaving a Greek island in the middle of August to get to Vienna is a crime to me lol!
    Anyway after many phone calls and e-mails I realised I'd better order it at the b since for once more there was this"communication gap" not to name it otherwise grrr!!!:graucho:
    So upon my return I gave them the codes for either 226 or 227 Chanel boutique exclusive black reissue with G/H which they were supposed to track down from other b in Europe!
    So,when it finally arrived I saw that it wasn' any of the two I'd ordered but a bigger version which as I found out from some of your posts it's the NEW 228 BLACK REISSUE withG/H -a size I've always wanted!
    The bag came without a box(as always,and I'm still waiting to get one!),with a deep sagging which I didn't mind so but I had the bag resting on its bottom for two weeks in order to get the "proper " shape and finally the price which was really burning at 2250 EUROS approx $3100+...thank God DH liked it hehe!:yahoo:
    Sorry for the long post let me thank you for all the info
    concerning the 07A blk reissue esp ShinyHair ,The graceful1 as well as Kaka28 Katie 123 and MON for posting on this! :heart::heart::heart:
    So here's my 228 black beauty:
    DSC00516.JPG DSC00517.JPG DSC00521.JPG DSC00519.JPG DSC00522.JPG
  2. congrats!!!!! it's absolutely gorgeous!!!! :p
  3. wow....congrats its gorgeous...
  4. Big? I have the 228 and it's my smallest bag. :biggrin:

    It is gorgeous, isn't it? :heart:
  5. here are some mod pics-had to overcome my shyness lol!:upsidedown:
    So what do you guys think???
    DSC00553.JPG DSC00567.JPG
  6. I think it looks FABULOUS on you!!! I love that size!!!

  7. Thanks so much Luccibag !I know you do-you've been my inspiration hhehe!;)
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Thanks Jayne!
  9. Congrats on finally getting this bag chanelspell! It is quite a dream bag! I love the 228 size (if I ever get a reissue I will definitely get this size), and it looks so elegant on you. I love the reissue in the black. The contrast with the chain is so chic!

  10. Thank you Kelly and Jessica!:heart::heart:
  11. congrates and you look fabulous.

    glad you found the size u love.
  12. Love it!!
  13. congrats!gorgeous!
  14. WOOW:tup::wlae:, It's beautiful!, I do love mine too (226), and I'm sure you'll love yours , I'm so glad that you founded it:yahoo:, I love this size too and i have not see this size IRL, but it looks amazing, Congratulations!:drinkup:
  15. It' very classy.. Congrats!