I got one .. but did I act too fast ??

  1. I did it I won a herat purse on eBay - I paid £210 shipped for it - when from the store it would have cost £185 so I paid £25 more for in - its the red colour - but i wanted it so bad and was worried I would not get one ..

    But I worry I acted too fast and maybe could have got one from the store cheaper ... just was not too sure :crybaby:
  2. if you can afford it I say go for it...you've got one!
  3. :yes: ^^ ITA
  4. That's not bad of a mark up, I would have gotten it.
  5. Nah, guaranteeing you get one is worth 25 quid !
  6. I don't think that's too bad at all. It is better than the worry of not being able to get one. Congratulations!
  7. what is L25? about $40? that's not bad, with ship. That's not bad at all to secure yourself one!

    great buy! all the ones over here on eBay are hella expensive! nice! post pix when you can!
  8. I think they are all gone in the UK and I was told there are no more shipments (once again very difficult to make problems in production blah blah blah) so I think thats a pretty good price once people find out there are no more prices are likely to rise
  9. They are probably all gone. I think you did the best decision and thats not a bad a price, being they were so sought after.
  10. I ended up paying about $25 extra for my red one too when you factor in tax, shipping, etc that I would have paid from 866. The $25 extra was worth it for my piece of mind! :biggrin: I figure even if they pop up again, I'll be okay with it.
  11. Yeah that's really not that much more..it's MUCH better than the other prices that are up there now.
  12. congrats! I think its a good deal!
  13. Not bad..congrats!!!
  14. Yeah its worth it to be sure you'll get one.
  15. That's not a huge mark-up. There are some sellers on eBay now who are trying to get a lot more!!! Enjoy your heart purse and be happy that you don't have to worry about tracking one down anymore.