I got one and never had a purchase, is that weird?

  1. I got one in the mail as a "preferred customer", and I immediately thought this was a mistake. I looked at the evenlope and it's sent to my name and the right address. I WAS AMAZED! haha so I went to the Coach store yesterday to buy something, but ended with nothing. However, my sister walked out with a Carly bag and a wallet to match it.

    How was that possible?

    I kinda regret that I did not buy a wallet because now I'm drooling over my sister's. BOO! I hope they send me another one when they have this event again.
  2. Now that your name is in the system, you can sometimes go in and get the discount even without the card. Go back and get the wallet you want! Just ask the SA if you can still get the discount.