I got on the Damier train late *PICS*

  1. Well I jumped on the Damier train a little late....but OMG I love it now!
    I purchased my lovely speedy 30 about a month ago...and am just now finding time to post pics.
    I have worn her in the rain and no problems whatsoever. She goes with everything....and no one even recognizes it's LV, and surprisingly this is the purse I've received the most compliments on:yes:

    So without further delay...here she is:




  2. gorgeous bag!! i want one now! lol
  3. Ya...I fell in love after seeing everyone's pics on here!!! I always thought I'd only be a mono girl...now I want damier, epi, suhali lol
  4. Congrats, Twiggers! My Damier Speedy is now my favorite bag!
  5. I've wanted one since they called on June 1...and I still want one! Maybe in a couple of months. It's lovely - congratulations!
  6. Thanks all :smile:
  7. i love mine too, but mine is defected :sad:
  8. be-yu-ti-ful! :love: congrats!
  9. yippy!!! She is a beauty!! thanks for sharing...I love looking at other pics of the damier speedy!!!
  10. GORGEOUS. I love it. I love the damier speedy 30. I want the damier speedy 30.

    twiggers, you have inspired me to get a damier speedy 30. maybehopefully for my birthday in a week, if my aunt can bring one back from Germany for me! how do you like the size? I think it will become my everyday bag; it seems big enough to fit LOTS, even papers (if I stick them in at an angle maybe?)
  11. Congrats - it's lovely !

    And I've yet to join the damier party myself.
  12. congrats!
  13. Congrats!!!:yahoo: Better late than never:graucho:. It's a great choice;)
  14. So pretty! My Damier Speedy 30 is my absolute favorite bag, use it every day! Enjoy it!
  15. Welcome to the band wagon my sister!:P

    The speedy is so nice...and so useful....you will adore it time and time again!