I got no LV for Christmas...(and LV shopping today?)

  1. In fact, I got MUCH less LV-related stuff than expected. I expected to get a few Holts gift cards and save them all to buy an Azur pochette...but I only got enough money to pay for maybe 1/4 of a pochette :sad:

    HOWEVER, my parents surprised me with a LAPTOP today!! :yahoo: I've been wanting one forever especially since now I need it for a design class in my second semester of Engineering in University, but I've been spending all my money to feed my LV addiction but now I got one! :yahoo: They got it from a friend of theirs who they helped a lot when they just immigrated here, and my dad already has two computers and has no use for it so he gave it to me. I :heart: it!

    Now...back to the LV...
    Boxing day in Canada...who went shopping, specifically at LV?
    I went with my boyfriend today and was going to pick up a gift for my friend but it was super crowded at the Calgary Holts LV :wtf: Most of the people there were Asian guys, too.
    Now, I didn't understand why SO many people were crowded around LV and buying so much stuff, considering Boxing Day is a day to go and take advantage of the amazing DEALS, but it's not like LV ever goes on sale. :confused1: Meh!
  2. I was going to go to LV, but in Banff. I usually make my annual trip there on Boxing Day. Its a nice short drive to enjoy myself away from the hustle and stress! But I never made it, I ended up furniture shopping! LOL

    I will be making the trip this week though! I have some goodies that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

    LV counter @ Calgary is always packed!! I swear, by the time they actually work their way through the crowds and get to you, you might've already made it to Banff! hehe...jk

    Congrats on your laptop!
  3. Boo. But you got that gorgeous Miroir pochette!
    Also, congrats on the laptop. I just got one recently (because my other one pretty much died on me) and I'm loving it :heart:
  4. congrats on the laptop.
    i was shopping on Collins St yesterday, and the line for Gucci was all the way along the side of the shop and around the corner. Then i looked across the road, and there was a line outside LV! cant really understand why either, other thant that everyone was shopping yesterday, its not like there are ANY sales at LV.
  5. Haha I heard on our news that Crate & Barrel had a long line this morning. And why? :shrugs: The sales weren't that great, IMO.
  6. WooHOooo:wlae: Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  7. I went boxing day shopping, but didn't buy anything :sad:

    instead I got on the computer and bought a Gucci :smile: ahahaha
  8. ^^wow! what did u get in gucci???
  9. Congrats on the laptop ! :yes:

    I didnt' receive any Vuitton this Christmas either.. damn !
  10. congrats on the laptop. i got one recently too (sort of as a gift) and it makes all the difference! yay to new laptops!
  11. Congrats on the laptop Karman and you'll save up by spring for the pochette, don't worry!:flowers:
  12. congrats on the laptop!
  13. karman...ooo labtop... nice nice :biggrin:

    i didn't get anything as a present from LV, but... i DID win a multicolor pochette MM... which was a suprise, but FREE LV *YAY*
  14. WIN?! Lucky girl! I think I know where you won that too...hmm...